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How Many Postcodes In Postcode Lottery & Can You Play Any?

The UK Postcode Lottery, or the People’s Postcode Lottery, is a subscription-based lottery launched in 2005. The lottery aims to raise funds for various charitable causes and organisations across the UK.

That’s right, this lottery not only benefits individual winners but also the wider community. All you have to do to play is sign up with your postcode, pay a monthly fee, and earn automatic entry into a draw. 

Let’s find out more, including how many postcodes are in the postcode lottery, in our Wizard Slots blog post below.

How Many Postcodes Are In The Postcode Lottery?

The number of postcodes in the UK can change over time because new ones are added. However, there are approximately 1,080,000 postcodes, with thousands potentially winning each week.

Once participants sign up and pay their subscription fee, they enter the draw. Winners are selected via a Random Number Generator and announced every day of the month.

Is The Postcode Lottery The Whole Postcode?

Yes, the postcode lottery uses the whole postcode - i.e. every letter and number. Some people mistakenly think that it only uses the prefix and the first character of the second part of the postcode, but this is not true. The postcodes are entered as a whole. 

Can You Play Any Postcode In The Postcode Lottery?

Postcode Lottery tickets are based on UK postcodes. You enter your postcode and buy the monthly subscription. 

Only participating postcodes are entered into the draws, and one postcode is selected on each draw. If your postcode matches the postcode drawn in the lottery, you win. The prize money is deposited into your account after 28 days.

Has The Same Postcode Won The Postcode Lottery More Than Once?

Postcode Lottery winners are selected randomly via the Random Number Generator. There was an instance when the same postcode won the Postcode Millions prize twice.

You can’t predict the likelihood of winning future prize draws because the Random Number Generator produces random and unpredictable results.

What Postcode Has Won The Most In The Postcode Lottery?

The Outer Hebrides topped the list in a recent study since it has the highest number of winning residents to play the Postcode Lottery. The area has had 34 wins and stats of 122.9 wins per 100,000 people (at the time of writing). 

Funnily enough, the area has approximately 27,663 residents, one of the smallest population numbers of all UK postcodes.  

Why Do Some People Win More On Postcode Lottery?

You can win the prize amount for each ticket you play within a postcode. For example, if you play two tickets, you can double your winnings. If you play with three, you can triple your winnings.

Of course, there’s also the likelihood of purchasing more tickets but winning nothing. Remember, the lottery is a random game of chance, and there are no guarantees. Please gamble responsibly.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.