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Lucky Ladies Blackjack Side Bet - Odds, Payout & How To Play

Lucky Ladies Blackjack Side Bet - Odds, Payout & How To Play

If you are familiar with blackjack, chances are you have heard of the many side bets you can place at blackjack tables. One of these is the Lucky Ladies side bet. 

This blog post will explore what a Lucky Ladies side bet is, how to play it, the rules, potential payouts and the odds of it winning. 

What Are Lucky Ladies In Blackjack?

Lucky Ladies is a side bet in blackjack that players can place alongside their standard bets. Though this bet is available in most casinos, some casinos may not offer it.

If placing the Lucky Ladies side bet, you are betting on your first two cards to make a specific combination - a total of 20 points. So, if you place a Lucky Ladies side bet, it is based only on the first two cards you are dealt.

It is named Lucky Ladies because the highest paying result involves having 2 Queen of Hearts (the Lucky Ladies).

It is usually designated its betting spot in the table, away from the standard bets, to avoid any mix-ups. 

How Do You Play Lucky Ladies In Blackjack?

First, to place a Lucky Ladies bet, you need to have also made a standard wager on the blackjack round. Although, it is sometimes possible to place it on someone else's hand without placing the standard wager. But that depends on the casino's rules, of course.

In addition, each blackjack table may have a different bet size amount, typically half of the minimum or maximum standard bet amount. 

Then, once the bets have been placed, the game begins. Then, you only need to wait and see if your initial two cards equal 20 points. The size of your payout depends on what kind of cards made the 20 points.

Lucky Ladies Rules

The rules of Lucky Ladies may vary greatly, depending on the casino you are playing at. Therefore, it is best to familiarise yourself with the rules. Below, we run through some of the rules that may apply to the Lucky Ladies bet in general, regardless of the casino:

  • Any player may make a Lucky Ladies side bet.
  • The Lucky Ladies bet does not affect the other wagers in the game.
  • Before any other cards are dealt, or bets are made, the dealer pays the winning Lucky Ladies bet according to the paytable and collects the rest of the losing bets. Then, the primary blackjack game begins.

How Much Does Lucky Ladies Bet Pay Out?

The payouts from the Lucky Ladies slot game depend on what kind of cards make up the 20.

Let's look at some of the payouts you could possibly win from the Lucky Ladies side bet:

  1. Lucky Ladies with a dealer's blackjack - This means both your first two cards are Queen of Hearts, which totals 20 points, and the dealer draws a blackjack. These cards have a payout of 1,000:1. 
  2. Lucky Ladies - This bet pays out 125:1, and it happens if both of your cards are Queen of Hearts.
  3. Matched 20 - This bet awards 25:1, and it happens if your cards are two of the same rank and suit. For example, if you receive a 10 of Spades and a 10 of Spades. 
  4. Suited 20 - Two cards of the same suit but different ranks, totalling 20. The payout is 19:1.
  5. Any 20 - Two cards of any rank and suit that totals 20. The payout for this is 4:1. 

Lucky Ladies Side Bet Odds

Perhaps you are interested in the Lucky Ladies side bets but are curious to know the odds of winning this bet. The odds are different depending on the number of decks used

But in general, this type of side bet can have between 13.34% and 29.89% house edge, meaning the odds of winning it can be pretty slim compared to other blackjack side bets.


In conclusion, the Lucky Ladies bet is an interesting side bet and addition to the game of blackjack. However, keep in mind that the chances of winning this side bet are fairly low, and this bet has a higher house edge than others. 

The rules may differ depending on the casino or the table, so it's best to read them through to familiarise yourself.

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