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What Is The Best Seat at a Blackjack Table?

What Is The Best Seat at a Blackjack Table?

Some blackjack players believe that sitting at a certain position on the blackjack table influences your chances of winning. However, some believe that skill influences your gameplay and seating arrangements are merely a myth.

Usually, a blackjack table has anywhere from 5 to 7 players in a semicircle. That means that every player has a unique point of view. In this Wizard Slots article, we will examine whether seating positions have any sort of impact.

Does It Matter Where You Sit at a Blackjack Table?

Choosing your seat at the blackjack table depends on a range of factors. For example;

  • Number of Players: Some prefer a full table, while others go for smaller tables. Each scenario has its pros and cons. Of course, there are some seating positions that may be better at a table with more players but wouldn’t make sense at a smaller table.
  • Playing Rules: The game rules differ depending on which blackjack variant you play. So, knowing whether the table permits players to double down, surrender, re-split aces, etc., is important in determining where you sit.
  • Number of Decks: Note that the higher the number of decks, the higher the advantage the house has.
  • Betting Limits: You can find the minimum and maximum betting limits next to the table. Study them and reflect on your budget.

Experts advise casino games beginners to avoid the far left or far right seats. Let’s see the different options available:

First Base

First base refers to the first betting seat on the far left. Some believe this seat is for blackjack leaders. Leaders receive their cards first, so they lead the play. Expert players also prefer this seat because they get to dictate the game flow.

Another benefit to first base is that the first player influences the decisions which affect other players’ cards.

However, there are disadvantages to being in the first base position. Sometimes, the 1st player might receive bad cards, while the dealer might get great cards making player 1 go bust.

Third Base

Third base, or the Anchor, refers to the first betting seat on the far right. Players in this position are usually the last to receive their cards and the last to play. Being in this position could lead to you influencing the nature of the gameplay. So, experts believe amateurs shouldn’t sit at Third base. Instead, only mature and experienced players should take this position. Anyone else might risk messing up the flow of the online casino game.


Shortstop refers to the seat in the middle. It’s the preferred position for beginners. That’s because sitting in first base requires you to be a fast decision maker, i.e., an expert, while Third base requires an expert player. Any mistake in either position may upset the other players.

Sitting in the middle allows you to observe the experts and perhaps learn the gameplay better.

Is It Better To Play Blackjack on a Full Table?

If you’ve played blackjack before, you might have wondered whether to play at a full or empty table. Although blackjack requires some skill, it’s still a game of odds. So, the number of people who play at the table affects your odds. An empty or full table can have its pros or cons.

In a smaller table, say one with the dealer and player, there can be more chances to hit blackjacks. However, the dealer still has the better advantage. Though you can land more blackjacks in this scenario, it does not affect your winning odds.

However, full tables might give you a better advantage since there’s more time to calculate moves like splitting, side bets, doubling down, etc. In addition, you can decide what to play at a full table after seeing the cards dealt to each player. 

But playing at a full table doesn’t always give you the upper hand. Instead, it lessens the odds of hitting more blackjacks as more cards are dealt out to other players.

What Is The Best Blackjack Seat for Card Counters?

Card counting is a highly frowned-upon practice and incredibly difficult to do. Those who participate in card counting prefer to sit in the Third base position. Apparently, this position gives them a good view of the table, where they can see all the cards that have been played so far without making the count obvious. However, this strategy doesn’t work if you play blackjack online.

Online Blackjack Seating Positions

Unfortunately, playing blackjack online doesn’t have the same advantages as playing at land-based casinos. For example, you can’t see the table from the different vantage points as you would in a physical blackjack game.

However, the same blackjack rules still apply, and you can sit in the same position you enjoy. But you can switch things up and take another seat to help you practise for a land-based blackjack game.


Choosing the best seat at a classic blackjack table depends on what type of player you are. Therefore, you have to analyse your expertise, bankroll, and other factors highlighted in our article. Take your time to reread our tips before finding a seat at the table.