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Neighbour Bets In Roulette - What They Are & How To Play Them

If you have even a little bit of experience playing roulette casino games, you may have encountered its different variants and betting options. Neighbour bets are one of the things you might come across, so we’ve prepared a guide to help you understand how to navigate them.

A neighbour bet is one playable on 5 numbers simultaneously. Choose a number to bet on, and the neighbour bet covers two numbers on either side. The bet can apply to all the numbers on the wheel.

The most popular neighbour bet is the ‘Neighbours of Zero’ or ‘Voisins du Zero Bet’. It’s a nine-chip bet that can cover 8 numbers on either side of zero, equaling a total of 17 numbers.

Most roulette variants allow players to place neighbour bets as equivalent to multiple straight-up bets.

Neighbour Bet Rules

The first thing to note regarding neighbour bets is that you can’t place them yourself. Notice the racetrack on the roulette table. Only the dealer can call neighbour bets. Here are the rules for neighbour bets in roulette;

Call your bet to the dealer: Tell them ‘(number) and the neighbours’ plus your bet size or how much you want for the adjacent numbers.

Ready your chips: Place your total bet on the table within the dealer’s reach. The upside to a called bet is that you don’t always need the exact amount in hand.

Wait for the next betting round to start: Note that you can only place bets after the last spin or after the dealer settles other bets. However, it isn’t advisable to wait long because neighbour bets require communication and planning.

Lay your chips on the table: Place your total bet on the table within the dealer’s reach. It’s poor etiquette to hand the chips directly to the dealer. However, it’s okay to have a chip of greater value but a lower bet in mind. Simply call your bet, and the dealer will hand you your change.

What Numbers Can You Cover With a Neighbour Bet?

As we mentioned earlier, neighbour bets involve numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel and not the grid. Usually, this is a 5-number section on the wheel. You have the freedom to choose any number on the wheel in your 5-number section while covering a pair of numbers adjacent to the chosen number.

Roulette rules differ from casino to casino. Some may allow you to pick how many neighbours to play with from 1 to 9 on either side.

How Much Does a Neighbour Bet Cost?

The stake for a neighbour bet equates to the total numbers involved. For example, if the table minimum for each number is £1, a 5-number neighbour bet would set you back by £5. Your bet should be divisible by the amount of numbers you want to play.

Think of neighbour bets as several straight-up bets. Consider how much you want to bet per number, multiply the bet value by the total numbers you want to play, and the result is your bet size.

Neighbour Bet Odds

Neighbour bets are possible for 5 numbers in a row. So it would likely be the same scenario as placing a chip on 5 random numbers.

So, each number we bet on has a 1 in 37 chance of landing. Therefore, with a 5-number neighbour bet in play, there’s a 13.5% chance of landing a win. Lastly, a neighbour bet pays out 6.2:1 odds.

How To Play Neighbours In Roulette

The usual inside bets and outside bets are playable in the central betting zone. However, neighbour bets are special bets possible in their own zone. This guide helps you learn how to play neighbour bets in roulette.

Find the racetrack: If there is no racetrack, neighbour bets may not be possible, as it can indicate they’re not accepting call bets. Online casinos might require you to tap an icon to view the racetrack.

Pick your bet value: Tap the chip icon to view the stakes and select your bet amount.

Choose how many numbers you want as neighbours: Tap the + or – at the top to adjust your neighbours accordingly. The default number setting is two.

Pick a number: Choose any number as your centre number.

Spin: Start the game.


Hopefully, this clears up what neighbour bets are in roulette, and you’ve gained a greater understanding of the game. The core of this special type of bet is that it involves selecting a number and also betting on the numbers surrounding it on the wheel.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.