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Poker Table Positions & Names: Does Seat Position Matter?

Poker Table Positions & Names: Does Seat Position Matter?

If you're new to poker, understanding the different positions around the table can seem a bit tricky. You might wonder, "Do these seat positions actually make a difference to my game?" 

Here's the deal: where you sit at the poker table can greatly impact your strategy and success. Each seat has specific advantages and drawbacks, which can influence the decisions you make during the game. 

In this blog post, we'll break down the positions - like the Button, Small Blind, and Big Blind - and explain how they can affect your play. Knowing these positions gives you a solid foundation to help you make more informed decisions and further build your strategy. 

So, let's dive into the world of poker table positions and find out if where you sit really does matter. 

Poker Table Positions & Position Names

Let's take a closer look at the different poker table positions themselves. 

Button (Dealer)

The Button, often called the Dealer, is the best seat at the poker table. Sitting here means you act last in most betting rounds, giving you the advantage of seeing how other players act before you make your decision. 

Small Blind

The Small Blind is the first seat to the left of the Button. Players in this position must place a small bet before they even see their cards, which can be challenging because you'll act early in the betting rounds. 

Big Blind

The Big Blind sits next to the Small Blind and must place a bigger bet than the Small Blind before seeing their cards. This seat also acts early, but after the Small Blind in the initial round. 

Under the Gun

Under the Gun (UTG) is the seat immediately to the left of the Big Blind. This position must act first in the initial betting round, making it one of the trickiest spots because you have no information about other players' actions. 

Early Position

Early Position (EP) includes the seats directly after the UTG. These seats also act fairly early in the betting rounds, so players here also have less information to go off initially. 

Middle Position

Middle Position (MP) seats come after Early Position and offer a bit more flexibility. Players in these seats have more information about the others at the table but still need to be cautious. 

Late Position

Late Position (LP) includes the last few seats before the Button. Being in a Late Position is advantageous because you have more information about how the other players are acting, potentially allowing you to make better decisions with weaker hands. 


The Cutoff is the seat directly to the right of the Button. It's one of the best positions because you act right before the Button, giving you a good idea of how most players are playing before you need to decide. 


The Hijack is the seat right before the Cutoff. This position still allows you some good opportunities to play aggressively, as you'll act relatively late in the betting rounds. 


The Lojack is next to the Hijack and is part of the Middle Position group. While not as advantageous as the Cutoff or Hijack, it still offers a reasonable balance of acting order and information. 

Do Poker Positions Matter?

Yes, poker positions do matter. Your position at the table can affect how much information on other players you have, how you manage bets and your overall strategy. 

If you sit in an early position, like Under the Gun, you have to act first. This means you have the least information about other players' cards and actions, making it riskier to play marginal hands. 

In contrast, sitting in a late position, such as the Button or Cutoff, gives you more information about what other players have done. You can use this to your advantage to make better decisions, even with weaker hands. 

Being in the Blinds has its own challenges. You are forced to place bets without seeing your cards. However, in later betting rounds, you act early, which can sometimes work against you but can also be beneficial. 

Overall, players in earlier positions tend to play more cautiously, while those in later positions can afford to be more aggressive. Understanding these dynamics may help you choose when to bet, call, raise, or fold more effectively. 

In summary, where you sit can influence your poker game, so always consider your position before making any moves, but it's also important to note that no seat is at an inherent disadvantage to others, as they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. 

What Is The Best Seat Position In Poker?

The best seat position in poker is generally considered to be the Button, also known as the Dealer position. This seat offers several advantages that can significantly improve your game. 

If you're on the Button, you act last in most betting rounds. This means you get to see how all the other players act before you make your decision. Having this information allows you to make more informed choices, whether to bet, call, raise, or fold. 

Another advantage of the Button is that you can play a wider range of hands. Since you have more information, you can afford to be a bit more aggressive, even with hands that aren't the strongest. 

While the Button is considered the most advantageous, the Cutoff and Hijack positions are also strong. They offer many of the same benefits as the Button but with slightly less information. 

In summary, sitting in a late position, especially on the Button, gives you the upper hand by allowing you to make better decisions based on the actions of your opponents. 

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