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Quadruple Rollover - Is A Quadruple Rollover A Must Be Won?

Quadruple Rollover - Is A Quadruple Rollover A Must Be Won?

Avid lottery players may be familiar with the term “rollover” in the lottery. A quadruple rollover usually refers to a large sum of a lottery that stands to be won in the next jackpot

When the National Lottery announces a quadruple rollover, UK lottery players flock to their nearest stores or the internet to purchase lottery tickets, hoping to be the next winners

In this Wizard Slots post, we will explain in detail what a quadruple rollover is, how many times can the lottery rollover be won and whether or not that means it must be won in the draw.

What Is A Quadruple Rollover?

As you are probably aware, the chances of winning the lottery are very slim. Some say you are more likely to be bitten by a shark or give birth to quadruplets than win the lottery! Those are some pretty tough odds

So, sometimes, if the lottery jackpot is not won (you win the jackpot by matching six numbers), it is rolled over to the next draw, meaning it is added onto the next lottery draw. It then becomes a quadruple rollover if it has been rolled over four times. 

That means the original jackpot has been rolled over four times in a row, with the jackpot prize increasing with each rollover. 

How Many Times Can The Lottery Roll Over?

The lottery can roll over five times. That means the lottery will roll over to a Must Be Won phase if the quadruple rollover is not won. 

So, you first have a regular jackpot. Then, if that jackpot is not won, it is rolled over onto a double rollover. 

If that, too, is not won, it is rolled over onto a triple rollover, then quadruple rollover until it reaches the Must Be Won phase (the 5th rollover).

Does A Quadruple Rollover Have To Be Won?

No, a quadruple rollover does not have to be won. It can be lost too. If it is lost, it rolls over to a Must Be Won phase. As the name suggests, the Must be Won rollover is more likely to be won than the previous rollovers.

However, instead of winning the lump sum prize, you are more likely to win smaller but still bigger than regular prizes divided across several prize tiers. For example, if you match two lottery numbers, you would likely win £2 plus a Lotto Lucky Dip. But, if you match two numbers in a Must Be Won draw, you would likely win £5 and a Lotto Lucky Dip - £3 more than usual. 

While the other jackpots require you to match six numbers in order to win, the Must Be Won rolldown requires at least two numbers for a player to win. Obviously, the more numbers you match, the higher your prize. 

If there are less than five or 6 matched numbers, the other prize tiers will receive specific more significant percentages that Camelot and the Commission agree on. 

Is A Quadruple Rollover A Roll Down?

No, a quadruple rollover is not a roll down. A rolldown is the Must Be Won phase because if there are no big winners or winners who match six numbers, the prize is distributed or rolled down to the low-tier prizes. 

So, if, for example, you matched three numbers and that is the highest number matched, then the prize will be divided amongst all players with the three matching numbers or less. But, in order to receive a prize in the Must Be Won rolldown, you need to have at least matched two numbers.

How much each winner receives depends on how many winners are in that category. The more players there are, the lesser your prize may be because it has to be split amongst everyone. However, it may still be significantly larger than you would receive in a regular lottery draw.

Quadruple Rollover Rules

There are no specific rules that apply to the quadruple rollover specifically, other than that it is only won by matching six numbers. Additionally, the quadruple rollover prize often has a cap. 

That means the jackpot up for grabs is limited to a certain number. For Euromillions, the jackpot tends to begin at £17 million and be capped at £240 million. Moreover, to participate in the quadruple rollover and other lottery games in the UK, you need to be 18 years of age and above.

If there are still no winners in the quadruple rollover, it is pushed over to the Must Be Won phase, where it will turn into a rolldown. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.