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Set For Life Checker – Check Numbers & Lottery Results Online

Is there an easy way to check your National Lottery Set For Life results? Yes, the Set For Life checker. 

Find out how you can use the Set For Life checker in our Wizard Slots blog post below.

Set For Life Results Checker 

Want to check if your Set For Life lottery ticket is a winner? Checking your ticket is simple. Go to the official National Lottery website to find the Set For Life checker.

There are 2 ways you can check your Set For Life results. You can look at the draw history, which shows a table detailing the dates of draws, ball numbers, life numbers, and more details.

Alternatively, you can manually check your numbers by typing them in the boxes under “Enter your Set For Life numbers”. You can check as many lottery tickets as you like at the same time by simply adding more lines. 

Next, tick the appropriate box of whether you are checking the last 7 days, 30 days or 180 days. Then, choose the draw time, which for the Set For Life lottery is either Monday or Thursday. Once you have filled out these details, click “CHECK”. An automatic check is then carried out. This will show if you have any winning matches and if you have won any prizes.

Set For Life Prizes 

Do You Get Anything For Life Ball on Set For Life? 

No, you do not get a prize for matching only the Life Ball in Set For Life. To win any prize, you must match at least 2 main numbers.

Do You Get Anything For 2 Numbers? 

Yes, there is a prize if you match 2 main numbers in the Set For Life draw. If you match 2 main numbers, you will receive the Set For Life’s smallest prize of £5.

When Is The Set For Life Draw? 

The Set For Life draw time takes place every Monday and Thursday. The draws occur at 8 pm, and the results are published straight after. 

If you are buying your Set For Life ticket on the day of the draw, be sure to purchase it early to avoid disappointment. On draw days, you must buy tickets before 7:30 pm, so leave yourself plenty of time. 

Buying your Set For Life tickets online is a great idea, and you can also purchase 4 weeks of tickets in advance.

How Long Do You Have To Claim Set For Life? 

All lottery draw game prizes, including Set For Life, must be claimed within 180 days, starting from the day after the draw.

If you win the top prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years on the Set For Life lottery, you must contact the National Lottery within 180 days to make your claim. 

When you ring the National Lottery to inform them of your win, they will arrange a meeting for you with one of Camelot’s representatives. The meeting will either be in your home or another agreed location. At the meeting, you will complete an annuity form and provide proof of ID. 

Once these checks have been made, your first instalment of £10,000 will be paid.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.