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What Is a Heinz Bet? Super Heinz Bet Explained

What Is a Heinz Bet? Super Heinz Bet Explained

Being a sports betting enthusiast means you can be exposed to a large number of betting options to choose from. 

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we look at the Heinz bet and the Super Heinz bet.

What Is A Super Heinz Bet?

A Super Heinz bet is a bet type that has a total of 120 bets of equal value. It is named a Super Heinz bet because it works the same as a Heinz bet, except that the Heinz bet has a total of 57 bets. 

So, the Super Heinz bet is almost double the Heinz, plus it has one extra selection.

The Super Heinz bet tends to be the most popular in football and horse racing events. However, it can also be applied in other sporting events that allow you to make seven selections across multiple matches.

 A typical Super Heinz bet contains the following bets:

  1. 21 doubles - where at least two selections must win to receive a return
  2. 35 trebles - you must win at least three selections to receive a return.
  3. 35 four-folds - you must win at least four selections to receive a return
  4. 21 five-folds - you must win at least five selections to receive a return
  5. 7 six-folds - you must win at least six selections to receive a return
  6. 1 seven-fold accumulator - you must win all seven selections to receive a return

How Does A Heinz Bet Work

A Heinz bet is another type of multiple bet consisting of 57 bets with six selections. This wager is believed to be based on the slogan "57 varieties" from the Heinz company. It involves:

  • 15 doubles 
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four-folds
  • 6 five-folds
  • six-fold accumulator

Like a Super Heinz bet, the Heinz bet works on football matches, horse racing events or any other sporting event that allows players to make multiple bets across different sections. 

All the 57 bets you will make with a Heinz bet must be placed with the same stake amount.

For example, if your base stake is £1 each bet, your total bet amount would be £57. 

However, this type of bet allows you to get some return on your stake, even if not all the bet wins. For example, if only two out of the six selections win, you will get a small return. However, if all of the six selections win, you will receive a potentially more significant return from all the 57 bets.

Of course, the latter is unlikely, but it does not mean that it could not happen. It’s just a very rare occurrence if it does.

Super Heinz Bet Explained

A Super Heinz bet covers an extensive selection and allows you to make 120 bets into one super bet. To receive a payout when you make this type of bet, at least two of your selections must win.

While all the selections have the same bet amount, they offer different potential payouts depending on the odds of winning. The more selections you win, the higher your potential payout may be.

For example, let's say you place a £1 bet on all the seven selections. Winning only two selections may yield a return of £16 and result in a loss of £104. However, if at least 4 of your seven selections win, you may receive a potential return of £608.

Of course, these numbers are only hypothetical and may vary depending on the type of event you are betting on and the possible odds and outcomes that the bookmakers set.

How Many Selections In A Heinz Bet?

The Heinz bet has six selections and 57 bets, whereas the Super Heinz has seven selections and 120 bets.

Super Heinz Bet Example

To better explain how the Super Heinz bet works, let’s suppose there are several football matches taking place over the weekend. You want to place a bet covering all possible combination outcomes, so you place the Super Heinz bet.

Below are the teams involved in your bet and what you predict the possible outcomes to be: 

  1. Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United - End in a draw
  2. Barcelona vs Juventus - Juventus to beat Barcelona
  3. Arsenal vs Tottenham - Arsenal to beat Tottenham
  4. Man City vs Man United - End in a draw
  5. Real Madrid vs Celtic - Madrid to beat Celtic
  6. Bayern Munich vs PSG - Munich to beat PSG
  7. Brentford vs Bournemouth - End in a draw

For your bet to have some return, at least two of these selections have to win.

For example, if Tottenham and Barcelona win as predicted, you have won two selections of your bet. How much you win depends on the odds of the bets.

Most bookmakers have made this bet somewhat easy. All you do is go to the Multiple Bets tab, choose the Super Heinz Bet option, choose your teams and select the possible outcomes you want to bet on. 

At the end of the bet slip will be the total stake amount and the possible return should all 7 selection bets win.

Is A Heinz A Good Bet?

The answer to whether or not a Heinz bet is a good bet depends on personal preference. If you want a betting system that allows you to place multiple bets and gives you a chance to potentially win or receive good returns, then you could consider giving Heinz a try.

However, remember that this type of bet can become expensive because you have to place 120 bets at once. And, given the nature of sports games gambling, or gambling in general, you might not correctly predict what the outcomes may be, so you may end up losing your entire bet.

With that said, if you do win all seven selections, you could end up with an outstanding potential return. In addition, a Heinz bet requires that you win at least two of the selections you made to receive a return. So even if you lose everything else but win only two, you still make something out of it. Granted, it will probably be less than what you bet originally.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time.