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What Time Do Shops Stop Cashing & Selling Scratch Cards?

What Time Do Shops Stop Cashing & Selling Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are a popular and exciting form of lottery game that offers an instant result and the potential for big wins. However, one aspect that can cause confusion for many scratch card enthusiasts is the understanding of when shops stop cashing and selling these cards. 

What Time Do Shops Stop Selling Scratch Cards?

The closure time for selling scratch cards often depends on the shop's closing time and the retail chain's policies. Generally, shops turn off their National Lottery terminals and lock their scratch card counters as they're nearing their closing time for the day. This action halts the selling and cashing out of any lottery tickets or National Lottery scratch card games. 

However, it's important to note that the terminal isn't required to sell a National Lottery scratch card. Therefore, the exact time when a shop stops selling scratch cards can vary widely, depending on the specific store policies and the retail chain's guidelines. 

Can You Buy Scratch Cards After 8pm?

The ability to purchase scratch cards after 8pm is largely dependent on the store's policies and operating hours. Some shops may stop selling scratch cards at this time, especially if they're nearing closing time. However, other stores, particularly those that operate 24 hours, may continue to sell scratch cards past this time. 

What Time Do Shops Stop Cashing Scratch Cards?

Similar to the selling of scratch cards, the time when shops stop cashing scratch cards is usually tied to their closing time. When the National Lottery terminal is switched off, the store is not able to pay out a prize for any lottery or National Lottery game. 

However, it's worth noting that this policy can vary. Some stores may have a cut-off time for cashing scratch cards that's earlier than their closing time. 

Where Can I Claim My Scratch Card Winnings?

Scratch card winnings can be claimed at the store where the card was purchased. However, the amount a shop can pay out may be limited by their cash on hand or store policies. Larger winnings may need to be claimed from the lottery operator directly. 

Claim Scratch Card Winnings Online: Is It Possible?

Yes, it's indeed possible to claim scratch card winnings online. This is a convenient option, especially for those who wish to play scratch cards without the hassle of wondering if a store is still open or if they are still selling and cashing scratch cards. 

There are numerous online scratch card sites available, offering a wide range of online casino games, better odds, and numerous welcome offers for new players. 

However, if you buy a physical scratch card and win, you cannot claim the winnings online. You must return to the place of purchase and verify the win. If the win amount is larger than the retailer can award, then you may have to contact the game's operator directly to claim the winnings. 

How Much Can a Shop Pay Out On a Scratch Card?

The amount a shop can pay out on a scratch card can vary significantly. This depends on factors such as the shop's policies, its cash on hand, and the lottery operator's guidelines. For larger winnings, it's usually necessary to claim the prize directly from the lottery operator. 

Most scratch card retailers can payout prizes up to £500. Anything over this requires submitting a Prize Claim Form to the game's operator.


The times for buying and cashing scratch cards can vary depending on the specific store and retail chain's policies. For 24-hour shops, it's often possible to buy and cash scratch cards at any time. However, for shops with specific opening and closing times, these activities are typically tied to these hours. It's always best to check with the specific store to avoid any disappointment or confusion. 

Remember to claim your winnings within the stipulated timeframe, usually within 180 days from the game's closure date, to avoid losing them.