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Why The Martingale System Does Not Work

Why The Martingale System Does Not Work

If you’ve looked up roulette strategies before, then you’ve probably come across the Martingale system. The Martingale system is the most popular and straightforward roulette strategy. 

Most players consider it an easy way to begin their roulette journey, while others remain unconvinced. This Wizard Slots article will examine why the Martingale system does not work.

Martingale Success Stories Are Few & Far Between

The Martingale system is the most popular strategy in roulette. The basis is to place even money outside bets and to double your bet amount after encountering a loss. The idea is you’ll get the lost money back in a single win, and you can bet your initial amount again.

The Martingale is risky because it often results in spending more money. Implementing the method leads you to bet large sums to potentially win small.

Martingale success stories are few because the strategy is not viable. It works in theory if there were no table limits on betting and you had an unlimited bankroll, but this is not realistic. In practice, these obstacles arise and limit the effectiveness of this strategy. 

The betting system relies on hitting a win and fails to acknowledge that roulette is a game of chance where every outcome is random.

Is It Possible To Win The Martingale Strategy?

Note that strategies cannot affect the outcome in roulette. There’s no way to beat the house edge or overcome the Random Number Generator. The Martingale system uses even money outside bets as they have the best chance of landing, but it’s still less than 50%.

Many players believe that using betting systems like the Martingale strategy to manage their bets will result in a profit. However, there are no guarantees in roulette. 

The Random Number Generators in online roulette compute random outcomes each millisecond. The dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball in live/in-person roulette, with no control over the outcome. Therefore, you cannot predict the results of spins in roulette, so even if you double your bets or steadily increase your wager, you’re relying on hitting an outcome that can’t be guaranteed.

Is There a Safe Version of the Martingale Strategy?

The Martingale strategy can be one of the riskiest roulette strategies. It can lead to your burning through your bankroll quickly if you hit a losing streak. 

The losses can easily stack up, and sticking with the system becomes increasingly difficult.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

In the Reverse Martingale (or Anti-Martingale) strategy, you still place even money outside bets, except you half the bet amount on each loss and double it on a win. 

While the Martingale strategy might lead to big losing streaks, the Reverse Martingale strategy may help you counter that possibility. However, both systems are similar in that they can quickly lead to a hole in your bankroll or chasing losses.

Is There Any Profitable Roulette Strategy?

Countless roulette strategies sell themselves as profitable but aren’t. The Martingale strategy is one of them. They are bet management systems and do not change the odds of winning a spin.

While these betting systems may work in theory, they may not play out the same way in reality. The casino has table limits to prevent players from increasing their bets indefinitely if they need to. The size of the bankroll is another limiting factor, as players cannot afford to continuously double their bets. 

The strategies also rely on an eventual outcome, which cannot be guaranteed because roulette is a game of chance

The house edge is an advantage the casino has over the players, expressed as a percentage of all wagers placed by players the casino expects to take in the long run.

House edge is fixed and unbeatable, so it holds even if you use these betting strategies. Therefore, none of the popular roulette strategies are profitable in the long run. Unfortunately, many of them can deplete your bankroll in a short time due to the steep increases in bet sizes.


The Martingale system, like other roulette strategies, is best used as a method of bet management and to provide a structure for placing bets. However, losses can quickly add up, and bets become increasingly difficult to place. This strategy does not guarantee profit. Instead, focus on having fun and not the casino game’s outcome since every spin is random.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.