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Feline Queen

Here pussy pussy! The feline queen has summoned you to clean her palace of diamonds and free spins, so it’s down to you to get the reels spinning and get the job done on our online casino site. This Egyptian themed online slot game is perfect if you’re looking for a 5 reel that possesses many opportunities to win both cash and bonus rewards.

Feline Queen logo

About the Developer

You may not have heard about German game developers Bally Wulff, but that doesn't mean that
they don't possess all the tools required to create long lasting experiences for all to enjoy. In recent
years the company has taken a different approach in its business: now offering new opportunities
in the online market for a wide range of audiences. To read more you can click here.

Feline Queen title page

About the Game

It’s true, Feline Queen has a very cat centric theme, but not in the ways you'd normally expect.
Feline Queen is a re-telling of your typical cat games. Instead of your more cutesy persuasions that
in all honesty have been done to death.

In Feline Queen you are shown a more amazonian like feline with more human like qualities that is
sure to be a hit with fans of Thundercats or anything similar to that.
German developers Bally Wolff should commended on this game in design alone. The very dark
teal colours work very well against some of the character models that take centre stage in this
online slot. The more washed out the colours seem to get in this game the more prestigious they
seem to get in the overall presentation. It’s clear that a lot of work went into designing every
solitary pixel on the screen with the animations for rolls because almost like an optical illusion
where they grab your attention, leaving you in suspense for the possibility at potential high payouts.

Games begin with a roulette spin to determine a specific wild across that specific roll. Once that
specific symbol has been chosen you then have the option at maximising your score should you
match that chosen symbol. Don’t worry if you forget which symbol was selected, the chosen wild
will sparkle across the screen making it very easy to spot. This is your classic 5 line 10 pay-line slot
that runs identical to your more typical online slots. This does not deter you from playing the game
at all as the main reason you’ll be playing is for the overall look and feel of its theme. The only way
to describe this game is to liken it to the craze when Avatar came out in theatres. That’s the level of
quality we are talking here.

Symbols across the games board consist of a variety of characters. The feline queen, a cheetah, a
lynx and a tiger all feature with each having a different base score depending on the amount you
can align on the reels. Keep an eye out for the feline queen herself who is the highest scoring

The Verdict

Not only is this game a marvel to behold but it also leaves quite the lasting impression. It’s graphics
are some of the best seen in a long time for this kind of slot. The gameplay allow for some amazing
opportunities at landing some big scores and even higher pay-outs. Don't sleep on this one trust
us, it’s incredible. 9/10

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