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Scratch Big Foot

This scratch game is based on the elusive sasquatch rumoured to live in the forests of Canada. Not the one from Meet the Henderson’s but a fictional online gaming depiction. Big Foot scratch revolves around a set of campers hunt for Big Foot himself. Match 3 big foot cards to locate the beast itself and claim the biggest prize.

About the Developer

Developer Nextgen Gaming is not only a recognisable name in the online slots industry but is also

a prominent figurehead for it’s peers to look up too. With titles such as 300 Shields, to the bloody

Blood Lore Wolf Pack, it’s easy to see why Nextgen Gaming is renown as being one of the go to

developers for this kind of entertainment, and that’s exactly how they like it.

About the Game

A lot of people tend to get yetis and big foot mixed up, yes both are hairy and tend to live quite

sheltered lives but what people don't know is that big foot is actually quite rich. Scratch Big Foot is

based on the mythical beast and plays to all the finer qualities of the beast while giving it a

cartoonish edge that is sure to put a smile on any players face. Scratch Big Foot takes place in the

deepest darkest part of the woods although you wouldn't think so thanks to the use of orange and

greens that make this a much brighter adaptation of an otherwise urban bleak legend. Nextgen

have done an amazing job at creating a theme that plays into it’s own world without feeling the

need to stray to far from trying something a little offbeat and a little different. Well done Nextgen!

This is a 3x3 scratch that features a mixed bag of symbols that the player must find 3 of in order to

win. Initially you will be looking at starting off with a wager you are comfortable with. You really

have to rely on luck in a lot of different scenarios depending on your opinion on scratch cards and

betting so much money in one fell swoop. Bets can be placed from as little as 20p to as high as

£200. The highest value symbol in the game is the Big Foot symbol. Matching 3 or more of these

symbols will permit you 1000x your wager, which can be a rather high pay-out depending on the

amount of money placed down initially. Other high value symbols include footprints and valley

symbols which are all clearly identifiable. Lower value symbols include owls and signs so it’s best

to look out for higher scoring symbols if you really want to reap the rewards of this scratch. The win

percentage of Scratch Big Foot sits at 90.86%. This is quite a low RTP compared to other scratch

and win games but it is still an enjoyable game to play, especially if you get yourself that 1000x


The Verdict

They say that big foot roams the forests in search of those who are of the same species. Part man

part beast or at-least that’s what he wants you to believe. The reality is that he is carrying quite a

lot of cash on him in the form of this scratch. He only hides because he doesn't want to share any

of his money the cheeky monkey looking Alf knockoff. 9/10