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Scratch Dr Love On Vacation

The love doctor is on his holidays and is offering you the chance to win some of his spending money. This Scratchcard game joins everyone’s favourite smarmy practitioner on the beach to uncover cards, gain fee spins and enjoy the psychedelic fun.

Scratch Dr Love on vacation logo

About the Developer

Developer Nextgen Gaming is not only a recognisable name in the online slots industry but is also
a prominent figurehead for it’s peers to look up too. With titles such as 300 Shields, to the bloody
Blood Lore Wolf Pack, it’s easy to see why Nextgen Gaming is renown as being one of the go to
developers for this kind of entertainment, and that’s exactly how they like it.

Dr Love on Vacation 3x3 Scratchcard

About the Game

First there was Dr Love: an online slot with a lot of personality and colour. Now we have the brother
project from Nextgen gaming and trust us it’s a corker. Please welcome the Dr Love on Vacation
scratch card! Like its predecessor there is a lot of goodies up for grabs. Anywhere up to £250,000
can be won in a single game which is incentive enough to start playing surely. Bets can start from
as little as 20p all the way up to £200 so it doesnt really matter what your play style there is still a
place for you. The game takes place on an island getaway, the music and overall theme plays to
this very well exactly like its online slot counterpart. Think of this game as an extension of that
game which will push you towards the entire franchise as a whole.

Once you have chosen your stake and are ready to play, simply click on the start button in order to
reveal a grid of nine corresponding panels. Just like your traditional scratch card games, Dr Love
on Vacation pays-out for three matching symbols across the entire board. It’s possible to create
more than one winning combination per round, unfortunately the maximum win is capped at the
max pay-out of £250,000.

Don’t look for any bonus features from the Dr Love on Vacation scratch, this is a traditional scratch
game and as such is very basic. There are no bonus features or free games in this title, just your
standard standard cash prizes from your standard scratch. The pay table can be used to look at
the possible outcomes for different symbols being matched on the board. One of the only bad
things about the Dr Love on Vacation scratch card is that it has a low return of only 85.64%. Keep
that in mind if you are looking for a game with the highest possible pay-out for how much you put

To begin your vacation, select start from the main menu and select a panel of your own choosing.
You also have the option to reveal all which will leave nothing to time. This game also has an autoplay
feature which will play the game for you for as long as you like.

The Verdict

At first glance this game seems to be more style than substance, which to a degree does hold
some weight but we’d be lying if we said it wasn't fun. With online scratch cards there is no inbetween:
what you see is what you get. And if you're into games that don't take themselves too
seriously with the notion of cash prizes then you’ll enjoy this online scratchy a lot. 7/10