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Scratch Irish Eyes

The West wind blows in Galway but the scratchcards just keep on turnign. This is your standard Irish slot with a twist, encounter leprechauns and beautiful virtual Irish girls but you must be prepared to risk it all to have the luck O’ the Irish on your side in Irish Eyes 2.

About the Developer

Known for their own take on the online slot and online casino game market, Nextgen Gaming
continues to make new strides everyday in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. Nextgen
Gaming offers a wide range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so
much to play and so little time.

Irish Eyes Scratch Logo

About the Game

To count the amount of Irish related online games could take years to count if you went through all
of them. There is a lot of options out there on the market. It all depends on your personal
preference which games standout more to you as a consumer of online entertainment. Irish Eyes is
a scratch card that stands above any other Irish based game strictly due to how it carries itself as a
title. Like most online scratch card games Irish Eyes continues the theme of being a sibling to an
already existent franchise, except being a scratch game rather than an online slot. Expect
leprechauns and lot of green (but you knew that anyway right). Like the Irish Eyes slot, this one
also uses the same Irish themed symbols and logo. This is a great way of creating a universe
within a game franchise. Whether you find this game through the slot or the slot through this game,
it will always serve its purpose in making you smile. Symbols in the scratch include: Leprechauns,
pots of gold, rivers of gold, rainbows, red-haired ladies and four-leaved clovers. An Irish
background track also plays a big part in the game, only adding to the theme as a whole.

Irish Eyes has a simple user interface that is 3x3 like most online scratch card games; pay table on
the right and to the left is the rows. Players can also opt to use the auto play feature which does
what it says on the tin, allowing you to play as many games automatically in the background. This
can be done after the bet is set. Auto play can be done for maximum 25 games. Irish Eyes can
easily leave you in a spin, the woman featured on the game logo also follows this trend, she is
beautiful and should be respected. After all she is a main part of the game and if lady luck had a
face this would be it.

The Verdict

Anyone who plays a series of Irish related online game will tell you the same thing, the luck is
indeed with the Irish. There are many scratch cards out there which tend to get quite repetitive and
will take a lot out of the player if they aren't used to scratch cards in general. Irish Eyes takes on a
different level of authenticity which is second to none. What Nextgen Gaming has created is
nothing short of amazing and commands attention from anyone looking at a fun and enticing
scratch that has a lot of pay-out to offer. 8/10