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Scratch Ramesses Riches

Despite many different Ramesses who have ruled Egypt, the one common thread between them all is a great deal of wealth. This 5 reel, 20 payline allows you to embark on an Egyptian adventure unearthing ancient symbolic artefacts like the Golden Ankh and Eye of Horus. Make sure to stake your claim in this online slot today.

About the Developer

Opening it’s doors in 1994, Microgaming is one of the most progressive game companies in the
entire world. After the release of their Viper software in 2002, the company saw itself sail to new
heights to both players and their peers alike. Over the past 10 years Microgaming has paid out
more than 100 million in jackpots since it’s inception. Now that’s impressive.

Scratch Ramesses Riches Gameplay

About the Game

In Egyptian times there were many lords by the name of Ramesses. 10 to be precise with
Ramesses XI being the last ruler of the New Kingdom of Egypt. The very first Ramesses was
known as Paramessu who ruled a very very long time ago. Each of the Ramesses have held a
significant place in history. Although the true name of Ramesses XI has never been revealed, he is
believed to have ruled for 3 decades and even has an online slot based on him thanks to the good
folks at Microgaming. The game devs are known to use a mixed bag of themes all within their
extensive catalogue of online slot titles with Scratch Ramesses Riches being no exception, this
game is rooted in history as well as intrigue into the life of a man who will forever be etched into the
barrows of history.

Microgaming have created an online scratch that is very similar to their slot version of the same
name. The game is very pretty to look at, borrowing themes and colours from a very dated setting
is no easy feat to pull off, the use of light blues and yellows all create a sense of wonder
throughout the game that is sure to excite those who enjoy bright and colourful online games.

Seeing as this is a scratch, the choices you can make are limited, your goal is to find 3 of the same
symbol in order to cash out on some rather sultan like cash prizes. You initially set the game from a
bet you are comfortable with and go from there. Bets start as little as 1p and can be played as
many times as you see fit. If you want to hurry up to see your fate then you can unveil all symbols
on the board by clicking the button that allows you to see what the gods have in store for your
wallet. The main symbol you should be looking out for is the game logo, this piece can reward
1000x the original bet when found in a blockade of 3. Other symbols all feature different multipliers
and are all based on something from around ancient Egyptian culture. Expect to find some classic
symbols from this one.

The Verdict

History buffs everywhere will find enjoyment in the reels of this title. That is a straight up fact. A mix
of great gameplay and unique graphics equal a rather eclectic game that will provide insight on
Ramesses’ life as well as a look into the time period of this title. 8/10