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With a stunningly high RTP rate of 98%, 1492 Uncharted Seas is a seafaring best online slots game form developers Thunderkick.

Take to the high seas in this 5 reel, 25 pay line slot game and try and win the max jackpot of 670x your stake. Or perhaps you would rather try for the bonuses, one of which will reward you with 100 free spins.

The betting range for the 1492 Uncharted Seas slot games is between 10p and £100 per spin. And to check out all slot games on this platform, sign up to Wizard Slots today and make your first deposit!

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1492 Uncharted Seas Theme and Graphics

There are many sea-faring slot games on the market, all of which tend to favour the gentle bob of the ocean and various sea monsters. 1492 Uncharted Seas is a slot that focuses on the unknown regions of the ocean, places no pirate has dared sail before.

In the 1492 uncharted seas slot game players are treated to 5 reels that are beautifully designed to look like a map from the middle ages. Set in the year 1492, the theme has you searching across the vast expanse of sea to chart out undiscovered land. The graphics appear to be inked out in the style of the times, something previously unseen in slot games before.

Some of the symbols in 1492 Uncharted Seas are navigation based like the moons, suns and stars whilst others are themed on unruly sea monsters like the giant squid, lobster and what might be the loch ness monster. Line up these symbols 3, 4 or 5 times in a pay lines to win. The most rewarding symbols is the mermaid and it will pay out 50x your initial bet for 5 in a pay line.

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How to Play 1492 Uncharted Seas Slot

The slot game 1492 Uncharted Seas can be found on all good slot gaming sites including Wizard slots. To begin a game all you need to do is find the slot in the Wizard slots library of games and hit ‘Play Now’.

This is all possible for players that are signed up with Wizard slots. If you are not signed up you will need to create an account. To do this follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1 - find the registration tab on the sites log in page. This can be achieved by clicking the log in button at the top right of the home screen.
  • Step 2 - provide your email address and bank details. These are mandatory for the next step.
  • Step 3 - transfer funds from your bank to your account to act as your first deposit.

When you have a deposit amount in your Wizard slots account you will be able to set a stake in a game of 1492 Uncharted Seas. This is done by using the box at the bottom of the reels. Once you have set your stake between 10p and £100, hit the spin button to try and line up the slot games symbols 3, 4 or 5 times in a pay line.

You will receive a prize based off of what symbol you land and how many times. These values can be found in the games menu. This is the core gameplay for the 1492 uncharted seas slot game but there are some additional bonus features. More on those in a bit. For now we are going on to look at those all-important numbers.

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1492 Uncharted Seas Statistics

There are a few things that players will come across when looking at any slot game, not just 1492 Uncharted Seas. These are the stats and usually encompass the following:

  • RTP - this is the return to player rate, how often you can expect to win over a series of spins.
  • Volatility - this is how much you can expect to win on different spins. For example a high volatility means that the game will pay out a variety of different amounts both high and low over a course of spins.
  • Betting range - this is the amount you can bet on a spin from the minimum to maximum bet.
  • Max win - the biggest multiplier you will find in the game.
  • Reels - how many reels you will spin. Fewer reels means fewer symbols need to be lined up.
  • Bonuses - the extra features that distinguish the game and how a player can partake in these bonuses.

The thing that jumps out most from the table is the high RTP rate of 98%. This means that on an average of 100 spins you will only lose on average around 2% of your deposit. That is extremely high for an online slot game. The volatility in 1492 Uncharted Seas is medium which means the big wins will not be seen that often.

With all this in mind, let’s look at how this is relevant to the 1492 Uncharted Seas slot game.





Min/Max Bet


Max Win





Expanding Wilds, free spins

*All of the above values are subject to change at anytime.

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1492 Uncharted Seas Bonus Features Free Spins & Bonus Features

Putting the good stats and stunning theme aside, we need to discuss the very few onus features available in 1492 Uncharted seas. These are:

  • Expanding wilds - when landed, the wild symbols will grow to fill the reels, completing more pay lines.
  • Free Spins - land the compass symbol 3 or more times on a spin and you will be rewarded with some free spins. During these the scatters can still land leading to a max of 100 spins during a game.

1492 Uncharted Seas Slots Big Win

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Verdict on this Slot

This is a slot that is big on design but lacks in bonus features. In 1492 Uncharted Seas you can have tons of nautical fun in a beautifully looking game however the bonus features offer little variety from the main event.

The 1492 Uncharted Seas slot game earns a good score of 7/9. If you are looking for something a little bit different, and perhaps unusual, why not try Genie Jackpot Instant here at Wizard Slots?

1492 Uncharted Seas FAQ’s

Below we address the most common questions related to this slot.

Are there sound effects in 1492 Uncharted Seas?

There are certain sounds that play throughout the game such as canon fire, thunder and the sloshing of water.

What is the most money I can win on a single spin?

With the max bet being £100 and the max jackpot being 670x your stake, the most money a player can win is £6,700. With the medium volatility this may take a long while to achieve.

*All values (RTP, Bet Levels, Volatility, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.