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Astro Magic

If you consider yourself somewhat of a clairvoyant then you will love Astro Magic. This online 5 reel slot game features all sorts of spiritual, astrological and natural symbols relating to the mystical elements of our universe. Spin today and step into the other side and earn yourself some satisfying cash prizes.  To learn more continue reading...

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About the Developer

Developer iSoftbet is not new name to the online slots industry. With titles such as the space action
thrill-ride: Booster, to the online slot adaptation of the hit American TV series 24, it’s easy to see
why iSoftbet is renown as being one of the go to developers for this kind of entertainment, and
that’s exactly how they like it.

Astro Magic game action

About the Game


Many have spent their nights gazing amongst the stars. You don't have to be an astronomer to
know that the sky is bright and full of stars once the sun sets. But did you know that constellations
can sometimes take the shape of the hit online slot game Astro Magic? Could it be magic or just
plain science? Hell if we know, but what we do know is that Astro Magic is a 5 reel 9 payline slot
that gives you the chance to break orbit, float amongst the stars, and more. What’s your star sign? A
Gemini maybe? No wait a Leo? Whatever your star-sign maybe your future can be told thanks to
Astro Magic as the backdrop for this game is almost zodiac like — offering a dark blue starry sky,
giving you the chance to star gaze while playing the odds. Just don't gaze too long, there’s money
to be made!

Offering a list of great features to help you along your journey towards the atmosphere, Astro
Magic features wilds, scatters and optional bonus rounds for your viewing pleasure. The wild in this
slot takes the shape of 4 orbs in a diamond shape with the word ‘Wild’ clearly separating it from the
other symbols. Hitting this wild will give you the more you hit the higher the score! This wild has the
ability to replace all symbols except for the Scatter and bonus symbols. Scatters give you more
options in winning more coins. Hitting a certain amount of hexagon shaped symbols on the reels
can let you earn anything between 18 to 1800 coins instantly!

Look out for the orange sun symbol which acts as the slots ‘Instant Bonus’ trigger. Landing a few of
these suns on the reels will trigger the Instant Bonus round. This round will give you chances at
possible Free Spins and Multipliers. In other words, follow the light! Not only do you have sun to
look out for but the moon also has just the same amount of prestige behind it. Matching the moon
will unlock the Galaxy Bonus round giving you even more chances at increasing the total amount
of coins exponentially!

The Verdict

Astro Magic is a journey across the stars. Its ability to grab your attention with its take on an outer space experience allows it to stand head and shoulders above most games within the same
somewhat tried and tested genre. It’s not everyday that you can say you left Earth and returned
with bags of money, with Astro Magic anything is possible. 8/10

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