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Cupids Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow is romantic 5 reel filled with angelic cherubs, harps and angels designed to get you broody and hopeful for those lucrative Free Spins. Join the god of love and play slots online with this online slot favourite. Love or riches which one will it be?

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About the Developer

If you were to mention the name Eyecon what comes to mind immediately is iconic. The past titles by Eyecon have all proven to have different levels of success across the entire globe. A staple in the online gaming scene, responsible for so many thoroughbred titles. Why not discover more.

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About the Game

Have you ever been in love? Well you're about to with the new online slot: Cupids Arrow from Eyecon! You quite literally have your head in the clouds in this game as Cupids Arrow is set on a very puffy bed made seemingly out of nothing but love. Now that we have the soppy talk out of the way, it’s time to talk about the game! Cupids Arrow is your classic 5 reel 25 payline slot. Symbols included in this game consist of all the usual valentine's day suspects: Cupid’s head, golden hearts, candy hearts, cloud hearts chocolates, roses etc etc.

In Cupids Arrow the gold heart symbol represents the wild symbol which has all the tendencies of a regular wild you’d find in this kind of slot. Hitting the wild will substitute most of the other symbols except for the candy heart symbols. Matching these candy hearts anywhere up to 5, will trigger the game's prize pick round where the player will have to use a bow and arrow to possibly multiply their original stake for the potential of higher payouts. Matching 3 or more cloud heart symbols will trigger the games ‘Match & Win’ feature. This feature will transport you to another cloud where you will play a game of snap in order to gain a bonus multiplier that will again increase your overall score.


Like most Eyecon games, free spins are a very big part in Cupids Arrow. Trigger the free games by matching 3-5 Cupid heads which in turn can award the player up to 9 free games! In the free games you have the chance to once again increase your chances at additional prizes. In a free game, if Cupid’s head appears on any reel that a candy heart is on then this will cause the game to play an animation of an arrow being fired across the screen. This will award the prize of an added multiplier to the current stake or the possibility of up to 10 additional free spins. So many ways to play this game will never not make it interesting even if it isn't valentine's day.

Love is definitely in the air with this online slot. It’s very cheesy gameplay mixed with the lull of constant victories make it a must play for anyone who enjoys the sweet essence of money. It’s simple gameplay mixed with its many scatters and wilds will always keep you on the edge of your seat. There are plenty of ways for you to multiply your score to reach massive payouts, all that’s needed is a little bit of creativity. 8/10

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