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Dragon Drop

Are you brave enough to take on the sheep stealing dragons and join the mythical adventure of free spin bonuses and enchanting 5 reel online slots game. Deceive the wise old dragon and steal his soup, among other treasures, if you know what I mean!

Dragon Drop online slots game logo

About the Developer

With a name like Nextgen Gaming you expect the best of new titles for a new generation. Well we
can safely say that these guys don't disappoint. Creating titles that could circle the world over in
just how creative and fourth wall breaking they are. It’s very clear that Nextgen Gaming are the
future of the industry — so why not jump on now and follow them on their rise to superstardom here at Wizard Slots. 

Dragon Drop Slots gameplay

About the Game


Have you heard of fire breathing giant creatures known as dragons? Well you should have by now
because they still exist today. They exist in the form of Nextgen Gaming’s online slot Dragon Drop!
You play as a noble knight from a local castle, your job is simple: to battle the dragon and to come
out alive with treasures the likes the world has never seen! Dragon Drop is your classic online slot
that has all of the telltale signs of one. Wilds and scatters play a big part in maximising scores and
pay-outs, while free games and auto-play modes provide an alternative view on just how you play.
Dragon Drop also features what is known as a ‘sticky dragon feature’ as well as a ‘dropping
dragons’ feature, both are known to elicit great pay-outs with even higher chances of creating
wider smiles that sharpen up the players face. Although Dropping Dragons is set in medieval times
this does not hinder it from being up to date with all the current tech. You can play this game on all
mobile devices as well as on desktop. Not bad ayy?

Dragon Drop is a very pretty game for such a bloodthirsty theme. Graphics as well as interactive.
Like it’s name suggests, your main goal is to drop dragons in order to score big. Nextgen have
managed to create yet another great game that is heavily influenced on a theme that is played so
often in wide catalogue of games. It’s a welcome change and a very interesting take on the genre
of dragon as a whole. The dragons have been so kind as to have dropped a number of letters and
numbers in the fields for you to find and match. Finding between 3-5 matching symbols of either A,
K, Q, J, 10 and 9, you’ll be rewarded with between 5-200 times your stake. These symbols areal
very well designed and each are as unique as the last. Making them all very simple to identify and
then match at your hearts content. Saving sheep symbols will reward the player with 250x the
original stake placed.

The Verdict

Dragon Drop is a great example of a game that plays on theme but knows when to focus on
gameplay. It’s design is very good at passing a theme along to any players out there who want to
be dazzled with their online gaming experiences. Even if you aren't a fan of graphics and just care
about gameplay then Dragon Drop has you covered for this one also. 8/10

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