Halloween Horrors


Any fans of Wizardslots, fans of Scooby Doo? If so, then you might want to check out Halloween Horrors: a slot inspired by the show in a variety of different ways, the most notable being the art style and comedic timing that is mostly found within the bottom of a box of Scooby snacks.

Halloween Horrors might strike you as your run of the mill horror slot, but it actually has more to it than that. Yes, you should expect all of the telltale signs that this is an online slot; wilds, scatters and free spins all at your disposal.

This is a rather comedic game based on the art style, but hey, who wants to be scared to death when trying to win money right? Don’t judge this slot at face value, it has a lot of spooks that just might surprise you. Want to know more? Read below to see our full review/verdict.

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Halloween Horrors Slots Developer - 1x2 Gaming

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Free Spins, Headstone Symbols, Scatter Symbols





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How to Play Halloween Horrors Slot


Horror games like this one often get a bad rap for being bare basic in what they offer the player, often giving you the simplest of experiences in hopes of taking your money. We can happily report that Halloween Horrors is not one of these slots, offering players a variety of different features that all change the way you perceive the gameplay with each spin of the reels.

All symbols in this slot are represented by various horror-themed characters that have a different numerical value behind them depending on how many of these symbols are involved within the winning pay-line. Experience a spooky fun from one of the best-rated online slots today!

The best way for players to smash themselves up the pay-lines is to get yourself into the free spins bonus round. To get here you need to unlock scatter symbols and match them on the reels. To unlock these symbols you need to be matching the wild symbols.


The Verdict on Halloween Horrors Slots

With a name like Halloween Horrors you often expect the worst, but in this slot, you are actually given the opposite. It’s not often that slots of this nature manage to break free of their specific holiday that they are tied too. Everything from gameplay to every sound design, it all has a clear purpose in driving the player to feel a certain way (and who doesn't want that in a slot).

Halloween Horrors can be played all year round without any worry or doubts whatsoever, how often can you say that? We’ll answer that for you: very rarely. Play Halloween Horrors today and spook yourself something silly. If you enjoyed Halloween Horrors you may also like Gems n Jewels