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This here is a truly impressive online slot game. Set in Japan, Hanzo’s Dojo is an immensely detailed game with graphics that are so impressive, they wouldn’t look out of place on a computer game. Colours are vivid and animations are seamless, making for a really entertaining online slot that packs features and the potential for big wins, too. Are you someone who will usually play online slots?

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About the Developer

As mentioned earlier, Yggdrasil is makers of this incredibly detailed slot game and one thing that this developer is known for is a fondness of high-quality graphics.

This asset is packed into Hanzo’s Dojo with that opening sequence really setting the tone for what is a visually stunning slot game. What is also impressive is how the developer has made the slot look it’s best across all three platforms, making for a great play however you choose to play it.

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About the Game


Players may play on our slot games today. Created by Yggdrasil, a developer who never disappoint when it comes to ambitious, mind-blowing best UK slots, Hanzo’s Dojo uses a kind of olden days Japan as it’s setting, bringing in lots of samurai action to the reels.

The game begins with an almost cinematic opening sequence, as pink cherry blossom trees sway lazily and all is calm and tranquil before a ninja death star is flung into the screen, sticking into a tree as the action begins. An all-action start to a game which captures the imagination.

The actual gameplay features 5 reels and 25 pay lines, with the reels finding an ancient Japanese temple as their home. A scenic backdrop of pinky, misty skies and rolling hills make for a beautiful setting for a day’s work on these well-designed slots.

You’ll notice one extra, very small reel above the main game, and this part is crucial when it comes to activating and enjoying the bonus features involved. As for the main symbols, cards with bonsai trees, Tsuru cranes (birds), wind storms and waves occupy the reels and act the lower paying, more commonly lining up icons. You will also see the fighters who Hanzo’s Dojo is home to, as well as the samurai, ninja, sumo and fan fighter who battle it out.

The two rooftop symbols are known as the Sensei Sector, and these can initiate bonuses such as free spins. Free spins, though, are also possible to win via landing three or more of the Free Spins scatter symbols. These symbols come with different traits of their own, making for an interesting, refreshing collection of bonus features on the whole in Hanzo’s Dojo.

Betting starts at 0.25 and goes all the way up to 125.00 on this slot, making for a huge betting scope and a good slot for both beginners and experienced high rollers. The game is also playable across all the major platforms of smartphone, tablet and desktop.

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The Verdict

Without a doubt, this is one of the top quality slot games that you can find around today.

The production value shows you where the concept of the once humble fruit machine is heading and this is exciting in itself. A low entry bet is a great feature, too, ensuring that this game is fun first and gambling second.

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