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Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age

Were you getting tired of all the Ancient Egyptian online slot games out there? Well wait for just one second – you haven’t tried Kingdom of the Sun yet! Sure, this one takes you out to Egypt so that you can spin with the ancient gods again, but there are some cool new bonus features that add to the excitement. Pack your bags and meet me on the shores of the Nile – there are some big jackpots to be won!

kingdom of the sun: golden age slots game logo

About the Developer

Kingdom of the Sun is by the Maltese company Playson. Known for the range of social, slot and skill games, the company have decided to add this Ancient Egyptian number to their portfolio of casino games. It joins other fantastic titles like Viking Gods Thor & Loki and Art of the Heist. With a varied selection of gaming themes, we’re sure that Kingdom of the Sun will fit right into the company’s back catalogue. Enjoy more games from Playson here on Wizard.

kingdom of the sun: golden age gameplay

About the Game

The game takes place near what looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert. You’ll notice sand dunes, palm trees and some ruined-looking temples and columns off in the distance. This is the sun kingdom you’ll be playing in. And just under the actual game board are piles of gold coins and treasure – hopefully, that’s what you will be walking away with! You’ll find that the board is set up as five reels and fifteen pay lines, so it isn’t a world away from the other slots you might have played.

Thankfully, the Egyptian gods have blessed the game with plenty of bonus features, which will keep you entertained throughout your time in the ancient land.


· WILD SYMBOL – The Wild symbol in the game is incredibly easy to spot as it is just the word “Wild”. It can replace any of the symbols on the board apart from the other bonus ones.

· SPREADING BONUS – The Bonus Symbols stay in their original position while the others adjacent to them all turn into matching Bonus symbols. This will increase your pay-out.

· THE SUN COMPASS – At some point in the game, you might see a glowing symbol drop down into the middle of all the reels. This compass symbol will have an arrow on it which will point randomly at some reels. Any low-value symbols on the chosen reel will magically be transformed into higher-paying ones, which will increase your pot of cash.


During both the Sun Compass and Spreading Bonus features, you stand the chance of landing Wild symbols on an entire reel which could win you a monumental jackpot. You’ll have to keep your fingers firmly crossed as the gods don’t let that happen all too often!

kingdom of the sun: golden age gameplay 2

The Verdict

Kingdom of Sun is certainly one of the most intriguing of all the Ancient Egyptian slot games that are out there at the minute. If you do fancy a trip to Egypt, make sure it is with this game as its potential winnings aren’t to be missed! If you enjoyed Kingdom of The Sun: Golden Age why not try Chang'e Goddess Of The Moon