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Puggy Payout

A dog is not just for Christmas, and Puggy Payout is not your bog standard video slots game. This is a slot that is clearly capitalising on the pop culture phenomenon known as pugs: a breed of dog known for their small stature and cute appearance. Developer Eyecon have crafted a very well put together slot here that has a lot of bonus features that will keep you petting this slot for hours on end. Want to find out more? Be sure to check out our full review below.

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About the Developer

Brisbane Australia’s own signature game developer Eyecon is known not only for its deep-rooted passion for creating unforgettable online experiences but also ways in which to also push themselves forward within an industry that has thousands upon thousands of titles. Not many online game devs can hold a candle to the acumen of a company like Eyecon. The quality of games they produce coupled with their overall mentality when it comes to user experiences separate them from the pack. Their games can leave you in a lull of excitement unlike anything ever experienced before, that’s just the kind of company they are. Read more about the other games Eyecon has on Slots Baby.

Puggy Payout gameplay


About the Game

Puggy Payout is not your typical 3x5 slot, it is actually chocked full of fantastic features that are sure to make you go awww, all while you see your score increase, which will then make your wallet increase by proxy. With a RTP percentage of around 94.9%, Puggy Payout is one of the most generous slots when it comes to value for money, especially when you consider how much it is in real life to buy this breed of dog. Releasing in 2018, Puggy Payout offers players the most up to date slots presently, giving you a chance to win big money from a variety of different coin values. A maximum of 100,000 coins are up for grabs with each spin in this slot, making every spin a new experience as you come closer and closer to the end goal of coming out of this slot with a fair bit of money.


Seeing as this is an Eyecon title, you can expect all of the telltale signs here. Wilds, scatters and free spins are all available here to players who clearly know how to tame these. His masters voice will always be the final say, and in Puggy Payout, you are the master and win big is a must. There is also a bonus feature game here that will give you the ability to make more bank on your investment into this furry friends. Simply play this slot out for yourself to discover this feature (no spoilers). See below for our closing thoughts on this slot.

Puggy Payout paylines

The Verdict

Puggy Payout is not your traditional cartoon based dog slot, it is actually a trip down memory lane into how we saw pets growing up. Maybe that’s just our take on this slot, but hey, maybe you might feel something different. This is a slot that not only commands your attention with every spin, but it also allows you to command it in return; akin to man and mans best friend. If you wish to find out more then why not just play the darn thing! If you enjoyed Puggy Payout why not try Fruit Spin