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Slingo Berserk is another stellar Slingo uk slots game developed by Slingo Originals in 2020. The classic mash up of Slot game and bingo game hasn’t changed much over the years only this time, Slingo Berserk sports a Viking theme.

Set across a 5x5 grid, Slingo Berserk has 12 bet ways and an RTP rate of 95%. Fans of both bingo and slot games will love Slingo as it playfully combines elements of both to create a great blend of the two. Starting your Slingo experience with Slingo Berserk is a good start as there is a max win available of 1000x your initial stake. So sign up to Wizard Slots to try these uk slots games out now!

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Theme and Graphics in Slingo Berserk

The games 5x5 grid is set atop a raging sea as Viking long boats sail past in the background. In normal slot games, the symbols on these reels will be aptly crafted to suit the game overall theme. Slingo Berserk does not have this luxury as the games symbols are made up of the numbers that the player has to match to those on their bingo card.

Slingo Berserk’s theming has to be stretched to just the background and display HUD. The bet feature is a treasure chest and the sounds of a storm brewing do a nice job of setting the scene.

This isn’t the only Slingo slot game out there however. Slingo Originals perfected this game over 20 years ago and have been making variations ever since. If you do not like the theme of Slingo Berserk, maybe you should try:

There really is no end of possible Slingo games. But where do you find them all?

Slingo Berserk Slot Gameplay

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How to play Slingo Berserk slot

Playing a game of Slingo Berserk is easy. Just follow these few steps.

  • Step 1- find a casino site, like Wizard Slots, that houses the slot game.
  • Step 2- Hit the register button at the top of the screen
  • Step 3- follow the steps including providing your email address
  • Step 4- find the game Slingo Berserk and hit ‘Play Now’

Once you are in game, you will find that Slingo Berserk is a very different slot game. When you set your stake, you will be given 11 spins to fill out your bingo card. Spin the reels and the numbers you land will be crossed off of your card. There are 12 lines to fill and once you run out of spins you have the option to purchase more or start fresh.

Each card you fill is called a Slingo and earning 11 Slingo’s rewards players with 500x their initial stake. And for more great Slingo slots, check out the Slingo Carnival slot.

Slingo Berserk Slots Reels

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Slot Game Statistics

How much are you betting and how often will you win. Check this quick table to find out.





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Slingo Berserk Free Spins & Bonus Features

One example of a bonus in Slingo Berserk is the bonus bet. This is how players earn more spins on a card. It is risky as the two numbers you need for a Slingo might not come up. Sometimes it is better to just start a new card. That is the fun of Slingo.

There are also other symbols that you won’t find in any other slot games. The Slingo Berserk bonus symbols are the maces. These block players from crossing off numbers. The lightning strikes that are a part of the raging storm are the games wilds, allowing players to choose a number to cross off of their card.

The last bonus symbol in Slingo Berserk is the joker symbol. Landing this provides players with a coin. They sit in the treasure chest and carry their own symbol. Collecting three of the same coin symbols will grant players with one of the games 4 jackpots. For more big prizes, why not try the Slingo Fortunes slot.

Slingo Berserk Slot Logo Wizard Slots

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Verdict on this Slot

At the end of the day, there isn’t much in Slingo Berserk to separate it from previous Slingo games other than its theme. Everything is present and works well and as the old adage says, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

A few interesting features make this one of the top tier Slingo games and so Slingo Berserk is worth a comfortable 6/9. Another slot that is definitely worth a try is the amazing Shaman's Deam 2 slot.