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Sushi Cat

We all know our feline friends are partial to a bit fish now and then but who would of thought that they’d actually go ahead and open a sushi restaurant. This quirky online 5 reel, 25 payline comes with bonus rounds, free spins and all the familiar items of your favourite sushi house.

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About the Developer

One thing abundantly obvious is that at Armour Games online slots casino, they LOVE games. Looking to work with others that feel the same way, they hook-up with the world's most talented developers, wine and dine them, teach them their patented moves, and help them connect to passionate players who love their work.

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About the Game

Sushi Cat is what the titles suggests really, a Sushi loving puss. And why not? Although on first firing up this basic little ditty you could be forgiven for thinking it looks terribly out dated and how can this mind numbing sound track be turned off. But, out dated graphics are never an indication of a bad game, and Sushi Cat is a prime example. However, the music doesn’t help.

The story is simple. Our purple coloured puss decides to fatten up and figures eating stacks of sushi will do the trick. Speaking from personal experience, it works! Anyhow, he wanders into a sushi place and the game begins.


If you have played the Japanese pastime, Pachinko, or the Cult fave, Peggle, the cartoonish layout and game play will be familiar to you. Each level is made up of various peg-style layouts with different bumpers encasing rows of the prime target, delicious sushi. Taking control of your chopsticks, you can move puss left or right, choosing when and where to drop him for maximum sushi munching success. Each level dictates the amount of tries you get and the number of sushi pieces puss has to eat in order to achieve ‘Full Belly'. Be warned, once you let puss go, your control is over and you are left watching as he floats and bounces from one peg platform to another. He can also bump up your score bouncing off various bonus and multiplier obstacles during his descent.

Ultimately, Sushi Cat is a game of chance and this stirs up plenty fun and excitement. Furthermore it's hard not to be impressed by the overall achievement of Sushi Cat slot games uk. Puss floats and bounces about the playing field resembling a pliable sponge bag and he is at the mercy of real time physics. He fattens as he eats and you will notice this affects his mobility and speed. Once you let him loose, he can end up anywhere on the board, can be squashed or caught between moving platforms and tightly packed pegs.

Five boxes line the bottom. Left to right they are worth 25, 100 - 50 - 100, 25 and where puss will land, is anyone's guess, but the final destination is tallied to your end score. There is a good variety of level designs, but all in all, it's a pretty short outing with just fifteen levels in total.

On screen, you can see your Sushi score along the bottom. Right is a graphical representation of sushi pieces gathering in puss' tum. A revolving sushi bar is top right and the amount of sushi puss still needs to eat displayed above. Simple game play, fairly basic but it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Verdict

The main achievement of Sushi Cat is the realistic physics and because of this, it is a game worth playing. Trying to achieve the set goals and getting puss on the track is tricky, unpredictable and loads of fun!

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