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Best Time To Play Instant Win Games - Does It Matter?

Instant win games are beloved by players looking for a quick and straightforward game to play in an online casino. In this blog post, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about instant win games, including if there are any best times to play.

What Are Instant Win Games? 

Instant win games are casino games that you can potentially win instantly. Essentially they are a game of chance where you can see whether you have won or not right away. They provide the player with a little bit of entertainment without having to do much.

There are many different types of instant win games. These include keno, spin-to-win games, card games, and scratchcards. All of these instant win games can be found in an online casino. The most popular instant win game is online scratchcards. 

Instant win scratchcard games are very easy to play. They require the player to scratch the card to reveal symbols. If the symbols match, it’s an instant win! Just like slots, scratchcards have various themes, like fruits, animals, luxury, and adventure. 

Here are some of the top instant win games you can play at Wizard Slots:

Football Scratch Card Raid The Piggy Bank Instant Bingo Cash Pong Instant Tap

Is There A Best Time To Play Instant Win Games

Some believe that the best time to play instant win games is late at night. Because more players are playing instant win games at night, it is believed there is a greater chance of winning a jackpot. Of course, this isn’t true, as the outcome of an instant-win game is always random.

For similar reasons, some players think that playing instant win games is likely to payout a jackpot during holidays such as Christmas and Easter as more people are playing. However, you can potentially win any day, at any time, as instant games are random.

In short, there is no best time to play instant win games. The chances of winning are the same no matter when you play.

Are Instant Win Games Random? 

Instant win games are random, so it doesn’t matter when you play. The odds of winning are the same. Instant win games typically use simpler mathematical models compared to slots, which randomly select outcomes.

If you want to play an instant win game, simply register with an online casino and browse through the instant win games. Once you have found an instant win game you like, simply place a bet and see whether you have won or not. 

For a scratchcard, for example, simply tap to scratch to reveal symbols. How much you win depends on how many symbols you match. Instant win games are very quick, so you’ll know whether you have won in an instant!