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Can You Record Slot Machines? Recording Slot Machine Wins

You may be familiar with online slot streamers and understand that they record themselves playing online slots on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.

But, some people believe it is illegal to record slot machines or to record yourself when playing slot machines. So, which is it? Can you record slot machines? Can you film yourself playing slots in a casino? 

In this post, we will clarify this elusive dilemma. So continue reading to find out more.

Can You Film Yourself Playing Slots In a Casino?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not you are in an online or a land-based casino. Filming yourself playing slots in a casino is not illegal. However, some land-based casinos may have restrictions. That is because some of the clientele may not want to be in other people's videos, so it would be a matter of privacy.

As such, just to be on the safe side, before you can film yourself playing slots in a casino, you must ask permission first, or check with the casino to see if you are allowed to. 

With online casinos, recording yourself playing slots may be a little less complicated. You can simply press record on your screen and record yourself while playing. There is no rule against that. But be sure to keep any sensitive or personal information hidden.

Can You Record A Slot Machine Win?

Another question that interests a lot of slot gamers is whether or not you can record a slot machine win. The answer to this again depends on the casino you are playing at and whether it is a land-based or an online casino.

If you are playing from an online casino, you can record a slot machine win. In fact, many online casino promotional or slot review videos would often show a recording of a slot machine win as a way to attract players.

So, if your casino choice is online, you can record the slot machine as it hits a win. However, if you are at a land-based casino, you would have to first check in with the casino and ask for permission.

If you do not query beforehand if filming is allowed, and it turns out it is not, the casino could kick you out and may refuse to pay your winnings if you have broken their terms and conditions. 

So, to avoid any misfortunes, check with the casino first.

Why Can't You Film In The Casino?

Nowadays, casinos have lenient rules regarding filming, but that was not always the case. However, some casinos still restrict filming on their floors. There may be several reasons for this, the major ones being security and privacy.

In a casino, you would find all kinds of people from all walks of life. Some of these people may not appreciate being filmed without permission. In terms of security, consider the following example: imagine you are filming, and someone wins a lot of money, and you catch them on camera; if you post that video, people may be able to identify them and know they have a lot of money, which may put them in danger. Of course, this is a more extreme example, but it illustrates the point.

Besides the security of their patrons, casinos may also prevent filming because of their own privacy and security concerns. Remember that casinos take their security measures and monitoring seriously, and the presence of other monitoring devices may jeopardise their security.

Moreover, the filming of their floors by patrons may clash with their marketing and ruin their brand image because they could potentially be shown in a bad light. Another reason casinos may prohibit filming in the casino is that it can be disruptive and distract their security personnel, the dealers and other casino players who are trying to enjoy themselves.


Recording slots online is typically allowed, but sometimes, in a brick-and-mortar casino, it can get in the way and may not be allowed. So, while some casinos may allow you to record or film yourself on their floors, some may not and for very good reasons.

To be safe, check with security before you record anything. Or simply play your casino games online. You can visit our vast library of casino slot games and table games here at Wizard Slots casino and see if you find something you like.