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Can You Trick a Slot Machine to Win?

In this blog post, we will investigate whether you can trick a slot machine to win or not. We will bust many common myths, including potential slot machine cheat codes, jammers, stopping slot machines to win, and more!

Can You Trick a Slot Machine? 

If you ever read a winning slot machine trick that sounds too good to be true, you’re right - it is too good to be true! 

Over the years, many people have tried to trick slot machines. But, of course, it was easier to cheat slot machines back in the day, well, for a few famous casino cheaters, at least.

There have always been players who try to cheat, and there probably always will be. One of the most famous and successful casino cheaters was Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He began cheating slot machines back in the 90s. He used a metal device to cheat the slot machine that would trigger a payout. 

After serving a prison sentence, he went back to his old ways. However, slot machines had since advanced, so he came up with a new cheating device, the Monkey Paw. Eventually, he got caught again, served more time in prison for illegal gambling, and was banned from playing in all casinos.

Slot machines have had many technological advances over the years to make cheating much more difficult and near impossible.

Does It Matter If You Stop a Slot Machine? 

Contrary to some players’ beliefs, stopping a slot machine does not affect the outcome. There is a theory that if you purposefully stop a land-based slot or online slots, you can alter the outcome - this is not true.

If you spin the reels and see a winning combination, it may be tempting to stop them in the hope of persuading a winning outcome. However, stopping a slot machine does not increase your chances of winning because slot machines use a Random Number Generator, meaning that once you hit spin, a combination has already been chosen. Therefore, the outcome will be the same whether you choose to stop or not. 

What Does a Magnet Do To a Slot Machine? 

First, you must know that cheating a slot machine with a magnet is no longer possible. This is because all slot machines now use computer software. 

In the past, it was possible to use a magnet on slots to cheat. Magnets were a popular slot machine cheating device and were believed to alter winning outcomes by affecting how the reels turned. As a result, cheaters could use magnets to their advantage to score a bigger win. However, this is no longer possible as slot machines don’t operate in the same way anymore.

Do Fruit Machines Have Cheat Codes?

While you may find blog posts on slot machine “cheat codes” of players claiming they have won slots by using cheat codes, these claims are entirely false. Thanks to technological advances, casinos have made it impossible for players to cheat at slots. 

Can You Hack a Slot Machine With Your Mobile Phone? 

Back when mobile phones were new, rumours spread that placing your mobile phone near a slot machine would emit a signal, affecting the outcome.

There are even myths that rubbing your mobile phone near a slot machine’s coin slot would cause the slot machine to freak out and give out free coins or credit. Of course, these rumours are not true.

Do Slot Machine Jammers Work? 

A slot machine jammer is a device that is believed to send an electromagnetic shock to the slot machine. This shock is supposed to affect the electric current of a slot machine to alter the outcome of a slot machine. But, of course, this theory has been debunked; slot machine jammers do not work.

Is There a Button Sequence To Win on Slot Machines? 

Some players have tried their luck at pressing a sequence of buttons to win the jackpot prize on a slot machine. The belief is that pressing the buttons in a particular sequence would control your odds of winning

Slot cheater Ronald Dale Harris did successfully do this, and of course, he was caught and sent to prison. Since then, casinos have massively ramped up their security. If you were to attempt pressing buttons randomly, you would certainly catch the attention of the casino’s security team. Additionally, slot machines have since progressed and pressing buttons in a random order will not force the slot machine to produce a win.

Can You Realistically Win at Slots Without Cheating? 

You can win at slots without cheating. When you hit spin on the reels, the outcome is always going to be random, thanks to the random number generator

Furthermore, since whether you win or not is random, there is no way to cheat.