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How to Win on Slots: What do the Algorithms Say?

How to Win on Slots: What do the Algorithms Say?

At their very crux slot machines are just highly complex examples of simple mathematics. This may sound paradoxical but the truth is it is not. The mechanism behind these games relies on a set of algorithms that, at their base, are rather simple, but when strung together they become way more complex.

Therefore, if you want to win at slots the only sure-fire method is to completely understand the algorithms inside the machine. This, for a variety of reasons, is almost impossible and anyway, if you were to figure it out you would probably find yourself behind bars.

Theory of Casino Wins

The main reason it is so hard to figure out these algorithms is that they are all underpinned by an RNG – Random Number Generator. This is where the probability side of slot gambling comes from; at the base of it all is just a constant stream of random numbers. Let us have a closer look at how slot machines work.

  1. First things first, the game must store the random number created by the RNG. The whole sequence, from one turn to the next – even including the bonus rounds and mini-games – are all predetermined by this number.
  2. Next is where the mathematics comes in. The reels are like a table that describes the probability of distribution; some results will come up more than others. The casino will set these odds on the slot beforehand.
  3. These odds, like the RNG, are completely random on a play-by-play basis. The software is designed so that somewhere a machine will hit the jackpot after a certain number of plays, but you can never know for certain. Nothing is fixed and nothing is promised.
  4. You know what that means right? There is not a lot you can do to influence the outcome other than playing intelligently. It’s all random remember, the only thing you can do that may increase your chances is play to the averages. But even then you are fighting a losing battle. Here's a quick tip on how to play the best UK slot online and win big!

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The Casino

Besides, do you really think the casinos want you to win big every time you play online slots? Slot machines are one of their biggest money makers; they are loosely programmed to give back an average of 84-98% of the bet back. The rest goes straight to the house. So, although the chances of winning are completely randomised, you can be sure the on almost every slot machine the casino or developer is making their money back.

Conclusion of how to win on Slots

Conclusively, it is hard to really tell what the algorithms say when trying to win at casino slots games because they are almost always completely randomised. You can learn loosely how they work and try to find some loopholes with this information, other than there is not much you can do. Of course, some people have toiled away, reverse engineering a slot machine to find out exactly how the algorithm plays. There are stories of this being done successfully, but it is a colossal amount of effort and, ultimately, illegal.