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How Much Do Online Casinos Make In a Day?

Almost every casual casino game player has thought at least once about how much online casinos make in a day. It’s a reasonable question.

Nearly everyone assumes that casinos are glamorous and have the potential to make a big profit, and with the evolution of online casinos, the industry is continuously growing. But how much do online casinos actually make in a day?

Continue reading this blog post to find out!

Average Daily Casino Profit

One of the biggest casino operators globally is said to hit averages of around £370,000 profit per day from gambling across various online casino sites.

However, online slots sites don’t make money when players deposit money. Instead, they can turn a profit if a player loses a bet. The amount wagered and lost is called the ‘win’, while the ‘net win’ is what you get when you subtract the bet amount and amount paid in winning bets.

Casinos usually depend on the net win to make a profit.

How Much Do Casinos Make From Slots?

Slots can ring in over 70% of casino revenue. Most players pick slots over table games because they typically don’t require as much brain power as table games like blackjack. For example, you only need to place a bet, spin the reels, and wait for them to stop.

There is also a vast range of slot games available to play. For example, sports, action, adventure, ancient Egypt, Chinese, and Norse mythology-themed slots, to name a few.

Slots tend to pay out around 95% of wagers on average. 

Do Casinos Make a Lot of Profit?

Online casinos don’t have the opportunity to make money through live shows or room service like most physical casinos do. So, can online casinos make a lot of profit?

Table games

Table games can ring in anywhere from 5% to 20% in profits. Of course, slots are usually more popular, but many players still enjoy online table games.

Other casino games

Some players might neglect games like bingo, scratch cards, Keno, and video poker. However, these games can rake in a small fanbase. Moreover, they can also help to boost the online casino’s profits, with bingo alone contributing millions of pounds to the economy.

Sports betting

Sports betting is also available in some online casinos and is another industry worth millions of pounds.

How Do Online Casinos Make Their Money?

Unlike physical casinos, online casinos cannot offer players room service or other casino perks for money. So, how do online casinos make their money?

House edge

Every time you play casino games, there’s a higher chance that you will lose than win. This is because the house edge is in play. The house edge is a certain percentage the casino earns back on average, after gamblers play a game for a long period of time.

The house edge could range anywhere from 1% up to 5%, depending on the casino game.

Do Casinos Ever Lose Money?

Casinos can lose money if a player lands a winning spin or jackpot. However, in the long run, they tend to remain profitable thanks to the house edge.

Online Casino Expenses

Online casinos might not have as many expenses as land-based casinos, but they do have quite a few expenses. For example;


Online casinos usually invest in marketing. There are hundreds of them competing to attract and retain customers. They can invest hefty amounts in marketing through print, TV, or online. In addition, they could also sponsor other events or players in a bid to try and target a wider audience.


Online casinos in the UK require gambling licenses to operate. For example, Wizard Slots casino is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Not only do casinos pay for these licenses, but they also need to pay their staff to ensure they’re correctly registered and up-to-date.

Software providers

You probably won’t get far as an online casino if you invest in low-quality casino software. Instead, Wizard Slots casino only works with the most reputable casino software providers. You want your software provider also to have a good selection of state-of-the-art games.

Website fees

Running a website also costs money. So, online casinos must pay domain fees and a website developer to ensure their operations are running smoothly.


Online casinos are liable to pay taxes for their sales and annual profits.


Online casinos may not have the same staff you’d find at physical casinos, but they have a few people they need to pay salaries. For example, developers, lawyers, designers, marketers, and customer service agents. Some even have dealers to run their live table games.


Online casinos have the potential to make a substantial profit, though it’s difficult to know the exact amount. Of course, if you’re curious, you could always ask them and wait for an answer.