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Online Slots Jackpot Guide (+ The Best Slot Games With Jackpots)

Playing jackpot casino slots online can be very exciting! Jackpot slots have some of the highest prizes, which is why many players choose to play them. In our online slots jackpot guide, we will be telling you everything you need to know about jackpot slots, including what a jackpot slot is, the different types of jackpots, how jackpots are triggered, and some of the best jackpot slots to play.

What Are Jackpot Slots? 

Jackpot slots are among the most attractive slots for many online slot players. They are thrilling and exciting and offer the chance to win huge cash prizes, often in the thousands or even millions! There are a few different kinds of jackpot slots to play, which we’ll go into below!

Local Jackpot Slots 

Local jackpots are jackpots that are formed locally. The jackpots in these slots can only be won on one particular slot machine in a certain casino. The number of players on these slots is lower as only one can play at a time, not to mention there will be other slot machines around, all generating their own jackpot as well. Therefore, the jackpot prizes in local jackpots tend to be on the smaller side.

Progressive Jackpot Slots 

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that continues to increase with every slots bet made. These jackpot slots tend to offer the highest prizes. The jackpot will continue to increase until the jackpot has been won.

Network & Pooled Jackpot Slots 

The same slot machine can be found in several online casinos, and the same online slot can be found in multiple online casinos. A pooled or network jackpot is where a large area or multiple online casinos all contribute to the growth of the jackpot. Mega Moolah is an example of one of the most popular pooled jackpots to play online with an attractive £1 million seed value.

Fixed Jackpot Slots 

A fixed jackpot slot is exactly what it sounds like. It has a jackpot that is fixed and doesn’t change or increase in size. It continues to remain the same, even after it has been won. You may also see fixed jackpot slots referred to as non-progressive jackpots or flat jackpots.

Slots With Multiple Jackpots 

Slots with multiple jackpots are those with different jackpot prizes available to win. They are a form of progressive jackpot slot where there is more than one jackpot prize. For example, you may see some multi-jackpot slots with up to 4 jackpot prizes that are labelled ‘mini’, ‘minor’, ‘major’, and ‘grand’ jackpots. Multiple jackpot slots tend to have exciting bonus features which pertain to triggering the jackpots.

How Do Jackpots Work on Slots? 

So, you are interested in playing jackpot slots, but how exactly do they work? Playing a jackpot slot is the same as playing any other regular online slot, with the exception being that there is a jackpot prize on offer. There may also be exciting bonus features to play like free spins, slots wilds, scatters, and multipliers.

How jackpot slots work also depends on whether the jackpot is fixed or progressive. A progressive jackpot works by sharing a prize pool between numerous online slots. All bets made across all the real money slots go into one prize pool until someone wins. A fixed jackpot works by having a fixed prize that you could potentially win with every spin.

How Do You Trigger The Jackpot on Slots? 

There are a few different ways you can potentially trigger the jackpot on slots. One of the ways you could trigger the win is by spinning a jackpot wheel. A jackpot wheel has several segments and a pointer in the middle. When the wheel stops spinning, it will reveal what you have won, which could be a jackpot.

Another way to possibly trigger the jackpot in jackpot slots is through a ‘pick-me’ round or through ‘collect’ symbols. The former could involve a mini-game where you are taken to a new screen and will see a set of slots symbols; you then select symbols to reveal a prize. In the latter, you could be taken to a round where only certain symbols land on the reels and collecting specific symbols or landing a certain number leads to a jackpot. Alternatively, it could just be a case of landing a specific symbol in the base game.

A jackpot slot may also require a symbol match to trigger the jackpot. This requires matching certain symbols and is popular in traditional-style slot games.

What Are The Best Jackpot Slot Games? 

There are so many incredible jackpot slots to play with huge winning potential. Here are some of the best jackpot slot games available here at Wizard Slots:

How Can You Win The Jackpot On Slots? 

There isn’t a guaranteed way you can win the jackpot on slots, as slot games are random. The jackpot is triggered at random. However, you could choose to go for jackpots that may offer better odds of winning than others, such as choosing a slot with a higher return to player (RTP) rate.

You could also consider playing fixed jackpots. Progressive jackpots could take a long time to pay out as the jackpot amount increases over time as more players bet. This decreases the odds of winning as there are multiple slots that contribute, and the jackpot can be paid out on any of these. In contrast, fixed jackpots are only on one specific slot.

Remember winning the jackpot is never guaranteed, and all slots are down to chance.

Are Jackpot Slots Good? 

Yes! Jackpot slots are great slots to play. Many slot players love jackpot slots as the chance of winning the jackpot can be very exciting. Many slots that feature jackpots also have thrilling bonus features, and some even offer multiple jackpot prizes.

How Do You Know If A Slot Machine Is Close To The Jackpot? 

You can never really truly know when a slot machine is close to the jackpot. There may be a few things that could indicate it’s close, but it’s impossible to predict when a jackpot is likely to hit. 

In the top corner of a progressive jackpot slot, you will notice that there is a number that is slowly going up. This is the jackpot pool. If you see a large number, perhaps five digits long, it could be a sign that a jackpot win is close, but it is never guaranteed. 

Ultimately, there is no way of knowing as each spin of the reels on a slot is an independent event. One spin does not have an effect on another, so a slot does not get closer and closer to hitting the jackpot; each spin has the same chance of landing it.

Jackpot Slots FAQ 

Which Slot Machine Has The Highest Jackpot? 

Mega Moolah from Microgaming has the highest jackpot. As of 2022, the current record for the highest jackpot win playing Mega Moolah was made by a Belgian player who won a fantastic €19.4 million.

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit? 

There is no way you can determine how often a progressive jackpot will hit. Wins on progressive jackpots are generated randomly. A jackpot could trigger a couple of times a week, or a slot could go several weeks before the jackpot is won.

Do Progressive Slots Go Back To 0 When The Jackpot Is Won? 

Every time a bet is placed, the progressive jackpot continues to increase. When it is won, the jackpot will reset to its original base jackpot amount.

Are Progressive Jackpots Random? 

Just like any other online slot machine, progressive jackpot slots are random. Every player, with every spin, has an equal chance of winning the jackpot as all other players.

What Are The Odds Of Hitting A Progressive Slot Machine? 

The chances of hitting the jackpot on a progressive slot machine are slim. Theoretically, if a slot has a higher RTP, it pays out larger amounts more frequently than slots with lower RTP values. However, jackpot slots are often amongst those with the lowest RTP rates. 

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.