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Online Casino Chargebacks - Can You Dispute Casino Charges?

Online Casino Chargebacks - Can You Dispute Casino Charges?

A chargeback is the term online casinos use to describe a refund to a customer. Players can request a chargeback in certain circumstances. In this Wizard Slots blog post, we’ll talk you through how to reverse casino charges and the instances when you can and cannot request a chargeback.

Can You Dispute Online Casino Charges? 

You can dispute online casino charges, but only if those charges were fraudulent. Before we go further into this, let’s look at the kind of charges you can expect from an online casino. When you register and play at an online casino, you are paying them in exchange for a service.

This service is the chance to play various online slots and casino games safely and securely on their site. When you play these games, there is a chance that you could win money. However, winning money is never a guarantee. 

Let’s say you spend £50 at the casino. You lose it all. You cannot dispute these charges because you lost and regret it. There is always a risk of losing money when you gamble, as slots and casino games are games of chance.

The only case where you can dispute online casino charges is if they were fraudulent. For example, if you notice the money has gone out of your bank account from a casino you never visited, you can dispute this. Additionally, you can dispute online casino charges if the service wasn’t what you paid for and the casino refused to assist via support.

The Right Time To Dispute Casino Charges 

There are some instances where it is right to dispute casino charges. One example of the right time to dispute charges is if you are charged for an online casino you have never visited. If this happens to you, you can request a chargeback, and your bank or credit card has likely been stolen. 

Another reason to dispute online casino charges is if you didn’t get the service you signed up for. Perhaps the casino site you signed up for allowed you to deposit, but didn’t allow you to play any casino games. Therefore, a service was not provided.

You can also request a chargeback if you sent money to a scam online casino. If you were unfortunate to make a deposit with a scam online casino, you wouldn’t get your money back from them. You can, however, try to get the money back by disputing these casino charges with your bank.

The Wrong Time To Dispute Casino Charges 

Disputing genuine transactions solely to get your money back is fraudulent and illegal. You cannot dispute online casino charges simply because you regret it. For example, imagine you deposit £100 in an online casino and lose it all. You might regret making this deposit and want to get your money back. This is not possible. You cannot dispute this simply because you regret it.

Some players may try to dispute casino charges because they didn’t win. This is not allowed, and you will not get your money back. When you play casino games, you know there is a risk you will most likely lose money. You cannot dispute a payment just because you are disappointed that you didn’t win. 

How To Reverse Casino Charges 

Hopefully, you will never have to reverse casino charges. However, in the event that you do, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you are unsure about your decision, seek legal advice. 
  2. Get in touch with the casino first. If they do not help, go to step 3.
  3. Next, get in touch with your bank.
  4. Ask the bank for a chargeback for fraudulent activity.
  5. Thorough investigations will be carried out to make sure your request is genuine. If the bank accepts your chargeback request, the payment will be cancelled, and you will receive your money back.

Can Chargebacks Be Illegal? 

Making online casino chargebacks dishonestly is considered fraud, and it’s completely illegal. Any dishonest chargeback requests, such as charging back a transaction simply because you didn’t win, have consequences. Firstly, you will be banned from the casino and could be banned from others, too. 

An illegal chargeback could result in you being sued by the bank or online casino to help cover the costs. Chargeback requests are costly for online casinos as various fees and administrative costs are involved. Fraud isn’t something to take lightly. In the most extreme cases, chargeback fraud could land you criminal charges.

Do Chargebacks Get Investigated? 

If you believe you have a right to get a chargeback from an online casino, for example, you were charged by a casino you have never visited, you must request a chargeback. Once you have contacted your bank explaining why you are disputing a charge, an investigation will be made. They will investigate and work with the casino to check if the claim is legitimate. 

Remember to always gamble responsibly.