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What Does Hit & Run Mean In Poker?

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Learning and understanding poker terms is one of the best ways to avoid getting blindsided. You might already know basic stuff like what call, raise, & fold mean, but learning poker language, terminology and poker etiquette can also be useful. For example, certain mannerisms may not be acceptable in some poker circles.

Sure, they may not be illegal or wrong when playing, but there are a few things other players may not take lightly. One example is the hit & run in poker, which we will examine in this Wizard Slots blog post below.

What Is A Hit & Run In Poker?

A ‘hit & run’ is when a player enters a cash game, wins a big pot shortly after, & exits after just a short time. The win could be 100% legitimate, but players generally describe the action as ‘hitting & running’.

Of course, hitting & running can seem suspicious, but most of the time, no cheating could be involved. In addition, it also doesn’t give the player any specific advantage. However, it has the potential to be seen as poor poker etiquette. 

Why is it called ‘Hit and Run’ in Poker?

The hit and run term describes the swiftness of the action. The player sits down, hits a win, and then runs away with the pot, so others don’t get an opportunity to try and win some of it back

Just as some motorists can leave the scene quickly after an accident, a poker player may also perform a hit and run, where they’ve won a big pot and then leave the table right after!

Is It Rude To Leave The Poker Table After Winning?

Although a player who hits and runs hasn’t necessarily broken any rules, other players might regard this as bad poker etiquette. Hitting and running is typically frowned upon because other players feel the culprits haven’t given them a chance to try and win their money back.

Those who hit and run are usually considered rude. The behaviour is so discouraged that other players tend to avoid those with a reputation for practising it.

Is it okay to Hit and Run in Poker?

Some players might dislike those who hit and run. However, the practice isn’t illegal. It merely frustrates players left behind at the table. Those who enjoy this move might argue that it offers no specific advantage. In addition, it might not make a difference in the long run if you hit and run anyway. So, why should you avoid the hit and run in poker? Because it upsets the other players. Your opponents don’t have to win, although they may appreciate the chance.

Note that poker can be better enjoyed with like-minded opponents. Therefore, if you have a reputation for hitting and running, you might want to drop the tactic since other players might start avoiding you.

How can I stop hitting and running in poker?

To stop hitting and running in poker, consider sticking around the table longer, even after winning a big pot. Don’t be in a rush to leave just because you won.


As enticing as the hit and run sounds, it may be best to avoid this move altogether. Note that you can never play poker alone. You need other casino game players if you want to have a fun experience playing poker online or at a physical casino. Therefore, it could be a wise choice to avoid upsetting them by leaving just after you’ve cashed in.