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Slot Machine Reset Key - How Do They Work?

Slot Machine Reset Key - How Do They Work?

If you frequent land-based casinos to play slot games, you may have noticed that slot machines have keyholes. These keyholes can be used to reset the machine for whatever reason, be it for maintenance or the regulation of the device. However, the reset process may change depending on the slot machine.

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we will discuss slot machine reset keys, what they do, how they work and what happens when a slot machine is reset.

What Does A Slot Machine Reset Key Do?

Generally, there are two types of slot machine reset keys. One can be used to access its data, such as the jackpot history. The other, which is usually more unique and difficult to obtain, can be used to set or reset the slot machine's Return to Player (RTP) rate.

The former key is often generic, which means it can work on numerous slot machines. Therefore, the biggest issue with this key is its availability to anyone, not just the casino. However, this tends not to pose any problems as this key can not change any fundamental thing on the machine. 

It can only give you information such as the slot machine's payout history, the jackpots it has hit, or other public data about the game. The other key can only be in possession of the casino and is usually held by security.

It can typically change the game’s odds and or RTP rate if the casino so wishes. But, this is also heavily regulated by third-party regulating companies.

Are All Slot Machine Keys The Same?

No, not all slot machine keys are the same. However, as mentioned above, there is a kind of slot machine key that is generic and can usually work on a number of machines, depending on the manufacturer. This key is often referred to as the 2341 slot machine reset key.

But, there is also a special kind of reset key that is unique to a slot machine and can only be accessed by the casino. We understand that this may be alarming if you are not familiar with how casinos work. Still, as long as you are playing your slot games at a reputable casino, you generally won’t have to worry about the machines being tampered with.

Additionally, you can play slot games at an online casino like Wizards Slots, where you don’t have to worry about people inserting keys into your favourite real money slots online. On top of that, you will also have a wide selection of slot games to choose from!

What Happens When A Slot Machine Gets Reset?

There are many reasons why a slot machine may be reset, most of which have to do with the maintenance of said slot machine. For example, some slot machines may be reset after a jackpot has been hit, although most slot machines can do this automatically, thanks to the advancement of technology. Therefore, in this case, the machine can reset and then go back to default for the next spin.

Another reason a slot machine may be reset is that it is malfunctioning. Perhaps the machine is not true to its RTP rate and needs to be fixed. In that case, the machine will be taken out of commission, reset and tested to see that it is back to normal, and then be made available for players again once it has been fixed.

Last but not least, a slot machine may be reset because it is outdated or the game it has is not attracting as many players. If so, the slot machine may be reset to add a potentially new game.

More often than not, a slot machine resetting does not have any effect on a player's gameplay. Depending on the situation, if it disturbs your spins, you may be refunded your bet money back, but that may depend on the casino or the circumstance of the reset.


Slot machine keys can be a controversial topic, especially the 2341 key. However, there is no cause for worry as these keys generally do not indicate foul play or that your game has been “rigged”

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