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What Does A Suspended Bet Mean?

What Does A Suspended Bet Mean?

Sometimes when scanning betting options online, you might encounter a situation where you cannot place bets on given events. The odds might also disappear at the time.

Instead of a technical hitch or network problems, it may be because bookmakers suspend betting. It’s not a result of a serious occurrence. Instead, suspended betting is quite common in many sporting activities.Read our Wizard Slots blog to learn more about suspended bets and why they may occur.

What Does Suspended Bet Mean?

A suspended bet is when a bookie closes the betting market for a given reason. It would likely occur while an event is in play and something happens. As a result, the odds change.

If suspended betting occurs, the betting market closes, and players cannot cash out active bets or place new bets during the event.

Why Do Bookies Suspend Betting?

Bookies may suspend betting for a few reasons depending on the specific event. The event usually starts with given odds which players bet according to. Then, unforeseen circumstances might occur, resulting in bookmakers blocking the market to prevent punters from taking advantage of the previous odds. Examples include:

Penalties in Football Matches

If penalties happen, betting may suddenly be suspended. Usually, it’s only for the penalty’s duration, i.e. before the player hits the ball. Then, if the player misses, the odds may re-open at the same price as before. But if the player scores, then the odds may change.

The bookies can re-calculate the odds in a way that would favour them before opening bets again. Suspended bets may also occur if red cards are handed out or key players sustain critical injuries.

Pre-emptive Decisions

Sometimes markets get suspended because the bookies think the event is panning out differently to as expected, so the odds may not be a true reflection. 

Using the football example, if one team is unusually aggressive in the match and attacking more successfully than would be normally expected of them, then the bookies may suspend betting to re-evaluate the odds.

Disruptions in Games

Betting might also be suspended if the game has been disrupted. These are usually unforeseen circumstances like a sudden injury, someone invading the pitch, or an electric fault resulting in the floodlights going off at a stadium.

Most of these scenarios are solvable, so betting usually re-opens a few minutes later. However, if it’s impossible to resolve the matter, the bookmakers may get rid of the fixture.


Suspended bets are common, so there’s no need to panic. It usually lasts a few seconds to minutes, depending on the circumstances. The betting market can usually remain open throughout the game, but it’s always useful to know what to do if you encounter a suspended bet.