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On the surface this online slot appears to be your run of the mill instant win lotto game, however spin the wheel and you will realise that there is more to this game than meets the eye. Select your own lottery numbers to be drawn across 5 reels slot symbols and bonus balls and when you match 5 of your numbers across the reels you will win some exciting cash rewards.

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About the Developer


You may not have heard of developers Gamevy, but that doesn't mean that they don't possess all
the tools required to create long lasting experiences for all to enjoy. In recent years the company
has taken a different approach in its business: now offering new opportunities in the online market
for a wide range of audiences.

Spinlotto Gameplay

About the Game


If you want to play slots there are so many games out there that are dedicated to a very set base audience. Spinlotto is
your basic lottery slot that cares about the player rather than the amount of money they are bound
to earn over the course of this games life cycle. Everyone should know the rules to lottery right
now, You pick a series of numbers that are then called out. Every corresponding number you
match increases your chances to win cash pay-outs. Simple. This is a different kind of game,
implementing a mix of lottery and online slots to create the perfect hybrid. This 3x5 grid is a very
simplistic idea that has been executed with precision that will make you a fan of this title almost
instantly. Jackpots rest at 250,000 credits which is massive compared to a lot of other games in the
market that can only hope to live up to the hype of Spinlotto.

Spinlotto deviates just a little south of the norm making it the perfect game to try if you are looking
for a unique alternative to games that try to break their own moulds in order to garner attention.The
look of this game leans heavily on purples and lilacs that make it a very appealing game with the
coloured ball symbols piercing through the screen thanks to the rather dark yet light background.
To begin simply select how much you want to bet and then away you go! There are 3 different
ways to play, all have a very interesting take that will change the way Spinlotto can be

First you have the Normal Jackpot. In this mode you can have 5 lucky numbers that repeat, you
must match these symbols to reach a star booster that will reward the player with 10,000x the
stake. Secondly you have the Mega Jackpot. Here you will need to get all of your numbers but
without any repetition in the winning pay-lines. Succeed in this round and you can see a very hefty
100,000 credits added to your pay-out. Finally you have the Spinlotto Ultra Jackpot. Which you can
probably tell by now is something special. You can win up to a million credits by playing this mode.
Definitely worthwhile in playing if you are feeling lucky. The reels could very well be on your side!

The Verdict

Lottery games tend to be rather cut and dry experiences whenever you play them online, you
select a few numbers and hopefully you come out on top. With Spinlotto you have the chance to
win big with a variety of different features. It’s not everyday that you can boast about a lottery
game, especially one that’s online but we cant help but do it anyway. Play Spinlotto for a welcome
change of pace. 9/10

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