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Join the buccaneering avian pirates on board their trusty vessel and sail the seven seas of slot gaming to defeat scallywags and bootleggers on this seafaring adventure. If you hadn’t already guessed this online slot is pirate themed and features a 5 reel, 3-row gameboard filled with animated fruit symbols adorned with wacky faces and explosive expressions.

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Pirate Princess Slot Developer - Playson

Playson Slots have had a firm seat at the table for quite some time now, here at Wizard Slots they are one of our favourite new slot games developers. Offering online slot experiences from the likes of Alice in Wonderslots, to Art of the Heist. All of their games focus on a very tight-knit feel that echoes throughout each experience with reckless abandon.

Just remember that it’s actually a game and not the real thing. We’ve made that mistake a few times with a handful of their games:

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About the Pirate Princess Slots Game


Arrrrrr matey, have ye heard of Lucky Pirates ye new online slot from Playson on yer way have ye? No? Well, you should have it’s a great game. Sail the seven seas like never before with this title. So often do pirate games get turned into online slots, maybe its the promise of not so buried treasure that makes it a firm favourite or maybe people just enjoy the pirate lifestyle.

Either way, we believe that Lucky Pirates is well worth your time and attention for a few reasons. Reasons we will get too in due time. There's a list prepared to serve as player's guide and they can find out more.

Lucky Pirates is a 5 reel by 9 pay-line slot that has a very bold design ahead of itself. This game is very bright, bringing together its sea blood background with its darkened symbols give it a very unique feel. The symbols are clearly identifiable through this although it does look quite weird in certain gameplay scenarios we digress as there be doubloons to pillage arrrrr.

Each spin has the chance to payout up to 100,000 gold coins depending on your luck. Wilds and scatters also play a role in this game but don't bother searching for any bonus features as this game is very simplistic. If anything making it a better game in general; less confusing. There is however a gamble feature which allows players to risk it all if they want to win big.

This feature can be quite unforgiving if you are new to a game like this so take your time before moving onto this mode. Playson did a very good job of designing their symbols. Each depicts a classic slot icon but with a pirate-ey twist. For example, you have cherries with pirate earrings and a lemon wearing an eye patch.

All are very amusing and are sure to get a laugh out of the players who haven't seen this game before. Onto of these symbols, you also have your more retro icons, such as the star scatter symbol which takes the shape of a crusty starfish. Lucky 7s are portrayed as red parrots with golden coins being used as the games scatter. Match these gold coins to unlock differently
opportunities at higher pay-outs.

Despite Lucky Pirate being a 9 pay-line game, you might come across more than your average winning combinations than you originally thought. This is due to Lucky Pirates very open rules when it comes to each reel. In other words, this online slot pays for all adjacent symbols, travelling in either direction. Meaning you will have more chances to score big on less original bets. Who doesn't like the sound of that!

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The Verdict on Pirate Princess

Lucky Pirates, it’s in the name. Luck will most definitely be on your side for a lot of the spins that take place during your travels with this online slot. It has a knack for being quite addictive once you win a couple of rounds. This is of course entirely dependent on what your opinion is of pirates. 7/10

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