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Bookies Paid Out Too Much - Paid Twice Or Paid Out In Error?

Bookies Paid Out Too Much - Paid Twice Or Paid Out In Error?

Have you ever received twice as much or even more than you had excepted to receive from a winning bet at the bookies? Unfortunately, errors can happen in all aspects of life, including bookies.

In this Wizard Slots post, we will look at whether or not bookmakers make mistakes and what kind of mistakes they commonly make. We will also look at what to do if bookmakers make a mistake payout. 

Do Bookmakers Make Mistakes?

Yes, bookmakers do make mistakes. It may not happen as often because bookmakers are generally vigilant and well-trained at spotting obvious mistakes, but it can happen. Remember that making mistakes is part of the human experience, and bookmakers are human, after all.

Some mistakes can be quickly solved without affecting the punters, but some, such as making payments in error or paying punters twice, may involve you in order to be solved. Some of the mistakes bookmakers can make are called palpable mistakes. That is when bookies make obvious mistakes, such as paying out more than punters are meant to receive. 

Can Bookmakers Ask For Money Back?

If you notice that bookmakers have made a payment to you in error, there is a good chance that they will too. When they do, they can request the money back, so it is best to alert them and send the money back.

Of course, some punters' instincts may be to quickly withdraw the winnings before the bookmaker notices and reverse the payment. An example of such an incident is the Betfair punter who won a bet and received £650 when he was meant to receive £57. Instead of alerting the bookmakers of this mistake, he opted to withdraw all the money and went on a holiday.

However, when he came back, to his surprise, he noticed that he owed the bookmaker the excess funds he was mistakenly given. So, to avoid having debt, you may not be able to pay back, it is best to let the bookmakers know if you notice that they have made an error.

Common Bookie Payout Mistakes

So, we have established that bookies can make an error in payments due to system glitches or admin reasons. Below, we will look at some of the most common payout mistakes that bookies can make:

Bookies Paid Out Twice

It is not uncommon for bookies to payout a bet twice. However, it is unusual for the punters not to notice when a mistake like this happens because when you bet on a casino game, you usually know how much you expect to receive should you win due to the odds of that game.

So, if a bookie makes a mistake and pays out twice, especially if it is two payments of the same amount, it would be hard to miss it and not have it rectified. 

However, suppose by a slight chance, you miss it or do not understand the payout method. In that case, the bookmaker may contact you themselves or just deduct the error payment from your account with them by putting it at a negative and deducting your future potential winnings

Bookies Paid Out On Losing Bet

Another common payout mistake bookies can make is paying out on a losing bet. This is a rare occurrence but has been known to happen. 

If it does, and the payouts have been made, it is often the bookies' duty to rectify it and recover the funds.

However, in cases where your bet was initially a winning bet, but the event was subsequently disqualified for any reason, you keep your payout. But, if your bet was obviously the losing bet from the get-go, but the bookies mistakenly paid out anyway, the bookies have the right to request you pay them back.

Bookies Paid Out In Error

Though bookmakers have measures in place meant to avoid payout errors, sometimes mistakes just happen. So, if a bookmaker does make a payout in error, they often rectify it by requesting the funds back. 

If you notice the error before the bookmakers do, it is common courtesy to alert them and not use the money. However, if you also did not realise the payment was made in error, however unlikely, the bookmakers may be in touch with you and discuss how you can pay them back.

Bookies Paid Out Too Much

Sometimes, bookies may make payments to the correct winner but payout more than what the punter won. Again, the bookmakers may rectify this mistake by requesting you pay back the excess funds, or you can do the right thing and alert them and not use the money.

What Should You Do If You're Overpaid By A Bookmaker?

If you find yourself having been overpaid by a bookmaker, you may be tempted to keep and use the money. In fact, your friends or other punters may advise you to keep the money because it is yours. 

Obviously, that would be a wrong call. However, if you have been overpaid by a bookmaker, the best and ethical thing to do is alert them of this error and not touch the money. Even if you do not alert them, the bookmakers will likely find the mistake and collect the excess funds.

Instead of finding yourself with a debt that may set you back, it is better to avoid it altogether and contact the bookies so that they can reverse the excess payment. Remember that bookmakers are also human and can also make mistakes. Instead of viewing the error as your "lucky day," pay it back to avoid any potentially unpleasant situations later.