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Do Casinos Keep Track Of Your Winnings & Losses?

Casinos track some information for the safety and security of their players. But can they track your winnings and losses? In this blog post, we will discuss what casinos are allowed to track, whether they hate when players win and if they have any control over who wins.

Do Casinos Keep A Track Of Winners & Losers? 

Casinos do track players’ wins and losses but not for the reason you think. Some believe that casinos tracking wins can affect your chances of winning, but this is not the case. 

The reason why casinos keep track of winners and losers is to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, online casinos like to reward loyal customers, so many have loyalty schemes where wins or gameplay time is tracked. By tracking this information, casinos are able to reward customers for their loyalty.

Tracking wins and losses may also be a way for the casino to spot any unusual player activity and behaviour. If someone were to win large amounts several times in a row, this may give the casino suspicion to investigate for potential cheating.

Casinos track losses for the benefit of the player and to keep them safe. If a player was regularly losing significant money, this may raise concerns for the casino as the player could potentially have a gambling problem. The casino may then be able to step in and offer support.

What Do Casinos Track?

Casinos track a number of things to protect themselves as well as their customers. Most online casinos track your IP address. In the UK, tracking and storing IP addresses is a legal requirement for online casinos. This is so casinos can be sure that the people creating an account and playing slots and casino games at their casino are from the UK.

Casinos also track and can share information with other casinos, such as known cheats and the location of players. This information is tracked and shared purely for the protection and security of all players and the casinos themselves. 

Do Casinos Hate When You Win?  

No, casinos do not hate when you win. Sometimes when someone scores a big win, it is shared in newspapers and articles online. Casinos love this as it brings them positive publicity. This could attract new players to their site, which, in turn, could bring them more profit.

Another reason why casinos don’t hate when you win is because they know that, in the end, they always win. This is because of the house edge. The house edge is a statistical advantage that casinos have over their players. Every slot and casino game has a house edge.

Can Casinos Control Who Wins? 

Casinos have no control over who wins. It would be impossible for casinos to do this since slot machines operate using a Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures the outcome of every spin is random.

All reputable casinos are regularly audited and tested to make sure all games are fair and random. If a casino is caught controlling the outcomes of games, they will have their license removed, and they wouldn’t be able to operate. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that a casino would risk controlling who wins.