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What If 2 Players Have The Same Hand In Poker?

What If 2 Players Have The Same Hand In Poker?

You may encounter a scenario where 2 players have the same hand while playing poker. If you’re new to the popular table game, it could be confusing to decide what happens next. That’s why it may be best to prepare yourself.

We’ve compiled a range of possible situations in a poker game. So keep reading this Wizard Slots blog post to learn more.

Poker Tiebreaker Rule

Although rare occurrences, ties in poker are possible. Knowing what to do in a possible tie situation is key to being a successful poker player. Usually, the highest value cards or hand determines the winner. However, the game can be unpredictable, leading to a few situations which might make it difficult to know the winner quickly. We’ve examined a few below.

What Happens If 2 Players Tie In Poker?

A tie in poker can also be called a chop or split. It happens when 2 or more hands are the same at showdown. Generally, the kickers can be used to determine the winner if both players have an identical hand. If the players tie with all five cards, they split the pot value equally after the casino deducts the rake. Rake only applies to cash game poker.

As mentioned, all their five cards need to be similar for the tie to count. If the card ranks match but are not of equal value, the player with a high side card (better kicker) wins.

For example, let’s consider a session where you have an AK, and the other player has an AQ on an AT345 board. You both have Aces, but your combination is higher than your opponents because your K kicker is stronger than their Q.

If Two Players Have The Same Full House Who Wins?

It’s also possible for two players to have the same full house. A full house is more powerful than flushes and straights. It can potentially be an exciting prospect to have at showdown. However, what happens if two players have the same full house? Note that the highest three of a kind hand wins if this happens.

For example, a hand with AAA88 overpowers one with KKK77. That’s because the previous one has the higher hand.

What Happens If Two Players Have The Same Straight In Poker?

Though rare, you can also encounter two players with the same straight in poker. Players with the highest ranking straight wins the round. However, if two players have an identical straight, they split the pot equally. Additionally, the rule only counts if both players don’t have a higher ranking hand.

Remember, there’s always a chance you can hit a straight, so it’s always wise to consider your cards. For example, the best cards include one gappers and connected cards. The chances of hitting a flush increase if you have suited hole cards.

For example, if you have an AK in hand, you can potentially hit higher straights more regularly than with a 98. Additionally, if you have an AK while the other player has a 98, and there is a QJT on the board, you beat the opponent because your straight is higher.

Therefore, a straight is equally a strong hand. If you play higher connected hands, you increase your chances of hitting a straight.

Who Wins If No One Has a Pair?

It’s possible to have a scenario where no one has a pair in poker. It’s easy to determine the winner in this scenario. Usually, we consider who has the highest value card. Players lay their cards in descending order. If multiple people have the highest card, we look at who has the 2nd highest card. The high card can also break ties if both players have a matching hand.

For example, an AQ876 hand could win against a KJ876 hand.

What Happens If Two Players Have The Same One Pair Hand?

It’s also possible for two players to have the same one pair hand. A one pair is when you have two cards of matching denomination & equal rank, e.g., 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, or K-K.

The same as before, we look at the cards in descending order to determine who has the highest non-tie card. We consider the suit and denomination. Usually, the winner has the better five-card combination. An ideal one pair hand considers two cards and three high cards.

Who Wins If Both Players Have The Same Two Pair?

We’ve considered the highest value cards as a guide to determine the winner in a tie so far. The same goes for who wins if both players have the same 2 pair.

They look at the one with the highest kicker to determine who wins. It’s easy to do this because there is usually one kicker. But if their 1 pairs and kickers match, they split the pot.

An example of a winning two pair is an AAQQ4 vs a QQT84. It’s rare but not impossible for two players to have a two pair at showdown.

What Happens If 2 Players Have The Same Hand Even After a Tiebreaker?

Sure, we can ask the players to show their cards to analyse the order from high to low. However, what if all their cards are identical? This could be one of the rarest moments at a poker table. The players will declare the game a tie and split the pot equally. There would be no one winner in this scenario.


Every player’s goal when they play poker is to try to have the best card combination in the game. So, it can be frustrating ending up in situations where you tie with your opponent. In addition, inadequate preparation could make it confusing to know your next move. It may be best to ensure you understand basic poker rules, terminology and etiquette before playing.