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What Is A Union Jack Bet?

What is a Union Jack Bet?

A Union Jack bet is a special bet whereby 9 selections lie in the shape of the Union Jack Flag. These selections form 8 trebles which you can bet on.

In this Wizard Slots post, we dive into more about what a Union Jack bet is and the types of Union Jack bets possible.

What Is The Union Jack Bet?

The Union Jack bet is a combination bet comprising several small separate wagers. They’re named so because bets are made according to the grid on the Union Jack flag.

There are a few types of Union Jack bets. However, they mainly operate on one principle. The bet covers 9 different selections, which must come from separate events.

In addition, they’re all triple bets lined up in a 3x3 grid. So, for example, row 1 would have A, B, C, row 2 would have D, E, F & row 3 would have G, H, I.

How Does The Union Jack Bet Work?

Union Jack bets are made as trebles. They’re a type of accumulator bet where all 3 of your selections need to win for a chance of potential returns. Trebles can form horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

If you make a triple selection, 3 of 9 selections are in play. All 3 must win.

The key to a Union Jack bet is knowing how individual bets work.

How To Place A Union Jack Bet

You need 9 selections to place a Union Jack bet. They’re split into 8 trebles.

The 9 selections are divided into different alphabetical sets.

Trebles you can bet on in the grid include; ABC, DEF, GHI, ADG, CEG, AEI, CFI, and BEH.

All your bets in a treble must be successful for you to win the Union Jack trebles bet. You place the bets based on how many trebles they appear in. For example, the most important bet will be the one placed in position E since it is part of 4 trebles.

Types Of Union Jack Bet

There are a few different Union Jack bets possible. We’ll discuss them below.

Union Jack Trixie

A Union Jack Trixie incorporates doubles. A double is similar to a treble but consists of two selections. As a result, you’ll find 24 different possible combinations on the grid that can create doubles. Add in 8 trebles, and the result is 32 bets.

Union Jack Patent

A standard patent bet usually features 7 different bets. Multiply those by the 8 treble bets in the Union Jack, resulting in 56 bets.

The Union Jack Trixie bets and 24 additional single bets can also feature. The single bets are straightforward win-or-lose bets that can cover one selection.

Union Jack Round Robin

Round Robin bets entail a similar number of doubles and trebles as in earlier versions. However, Single Stake About Pairs are used instead of singles. Single Stake About Pairs are two-part bets with one condition. You must win the first part for the second part to occur. As a result, the total number of wagers in a Union Jack Round Robin is 80.

Union Jack Treble Bet

The Union Jack Treble Bet is made on 9 selections on the grid. The grid splits into 3 columns and 3 rows. 9 selections appear across as letters ABC, DEF, and GHI. Lastly, they split into 8 different treble bets.