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5 Ninjas

5 Ninjas is a 5 reel, 25 payline online slots casino adventure built around throwing knives, nunchucks and cute, colourfully dressed ninjas. Unlock the secret ninja prize pick to see what lies behind the concealed doorways.

5 Ninjas slots game logo


About the Developer

Brisbane Australia’s own signature game developer Eyecon is known not only for its deep rooted
passion for creating unforgettable online experiences, but also ways in which to also push
themselves forward within an industry that has thousands upon thousands of titles.

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5 Ninjas reel spins

About the Game


How many times have can you say you've been a ninja? We’ll answer that for you, not enough.
Good job that 5 Ninjas is here to change all that. 5 Ninjas is an all-new 5-reel, 25-payline slot from
the very talented team at Eyecon. Based around the ever-illusive theme of martial arts, you will be
transported to the life of a ninja. This is your new life now, use your ninja skills wisely.

This game is based on the adventures of 5 very deadly ninjas, who at any point could burst out of
the screen thanks in part to the amazing design work from Eyecon. This game is a playground for
the more imaginative players out there, the more open-minded you are, the more you’ll enjoy this
game. The game's layout has all of the usual suspects, from the very standard bet button at the
bottom of the screen, to the scattered array of buttons and functions. Matching the many different
symbols will create a sense of power that will allow you to break multiple wooden boards in real
life, quite possibly with your head. Symbols include: multiple coloured ninjas, shuriken (throwing
stars), nunchucks and sai's to name a few.

The game’s Wild will substitute all of the game’s symbols, aside from the Element and Coin
symbols. Further to this, Wild symbols may only appear across the game’s 2nd and 4th reels,
making them all the more illusive (yet still completely worth looking out for!). Wilds represent 5
Ninjas’ most lucrative combos, as all prizes won with a combo towards which they contribute are
instantly doubled up in size! The ‘Secret Ninja Prize Pick’ bonus round invites you to select a door
to release one of the 5 Ninjas. You could earn a prize of up to 100x your total wager! Phenomenal!
You can keep choosing doors until all of the Ninjas are free, or until the guards stop you – good

This game's setting is meant to represent that of a dojo, this is where even the strongest of
warriors will rest. Lucky for you that you aren't a ninja and can enjoy winning a lot of money to your
heart's content without the stress of being a ninja! The bright colours of the dojo make this game
very pretty to look at, with the graphics really bringing across the desired theme that Eyecon were
aiming for.

The Verdict

First off, who doesn’t like ninjas? Even just one ninja is cool, this is 5 Ninjas, that’s four more than
one equally awesome ninja! This game is as addictive as it is a trip into the lives of very skilled
ninjas. Did we also mention that this game has ninjas? Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas!!!!! 8/10

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