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Three guesses to discover what this game is about. Naturally this new fast paced slots game features around witches, their potions and spells, and lots of other super natural things that they get up to. At the beginning of this game you are greeted by three witches, who will guide you into the game board. Spellcraft is a 5 reel online slot game with 25 paylines and a 4-tier bonus game. Match up symbols of black cats and pumpkin-headed scarecrows to earn some huge cash rewards and bonus prizes.

Spellcraft online slots game logo


About The Developer

Playson pride themselves on designing and delivering unique gaming solutions, in both the physical, traditional format and, of course, in the modern world of online play slots. With more than 40 titles on the market, each game they deliver is a combination of detailed visuals and audio, with consistently innovative gameplay. From their Euopean base, Playson provide their gaming solutions to the digital and physical gaming world.

Spellcraft Gameplay


About The Game

This playfully spooky online slot from Playson is a cauldron of digital gaming delights. Spellcraft gives gamers the opportunity to combine the tactical choices of slot gaming with the magical wonder of witchery. This 5 reel, 27 payline slot brings with it the mystical will of the dark arts, and the magical wonder of real rewards.

The three main characters in the game are a cauldron of witches – each one with unique powers and potions and capable of conjuring unique payouts. Each witch is wonderfully detailed, with Playson crafting cunning, cartoonish, potential femme-fatales into the game. There is a spell-book scanning red-head, a confident brunette with a sparkling wand, and a cunning, leering blonde – all cooking up something: “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble,” in the coven’s cauldron.

Along with a number of their wiccan wares - including an All-Seeing-Eye, a Spell-Book, and a grinning Pumpkin Head - the witches are accompanied by a magnificent, magical soundtrack. Fans of a certain, long-running series of books and films set in the world of witches, wizards (and their fantastical school) will love the playful magic of the sound effects and audio.

With bets starting from as little as £0.27, with a maximum spin of £81.00, the bonus features of this innovative Playson online slot are as marvellous as the magical world it portrays. Firstly, the redhead witch is the Wild, and can substitute every symbol other than the other members of her coven. While she brings regular wins – including Stacked Wild wins – it is the brunette witch, the Scatter, who brings about the most interesting feature of Spellcraft: the Ghost Reel feature.

Spellcraft Gameplay


When we land 3 of her anywhere on the reels, she triggers anywhere up to 30 Free Spins. This feature comes with an additional, temporary 6th reel, and gives us a greater chance to go for the Power of Three feature – triggered when we land all 3 of the witches on the reels.

With 3 of the blond witches also triggering a bonus Pick Me game, giving us a chance to win a range of bonuses and multipliers, the variation in Spell Craft is a fantastically magical feature, making each time we return to the game a unique experience.

The Verdict

Although this game would certainly be a perfect title to play around Halloween time, it is simply just too fun to wait 11 months to return to. There’s a fittingly magical charm to this Playson game, with the audio and sound effects excellent on their own – but also matched by excellent gameplay. We at Wizard Slots give this game of witches a magical 10/10.

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