The Incredible Balloon Machine

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How incredible is this special balloon machine, and what kind of machine is it anyway? Spin the reels to find out!

Summary of The Incredible Balloon Machine Casino Slot

The Incredible Balloon Machine by Microgaming in conjunction with Crazy Tooth Studio is a unique kind of casino slot game in that it’s got no reels, no rows and no paylines. However, it is still considered a slot game because players receive a certain outcome and/or reward ‘after each spin’. You can play this fantastic slot machine here at Wizard Slot, the place to go if you are looking for the very best online slots.

It works on the premise of filling balloons with air- the bigger the balloon, the bigger the cash value you win. Usually a cash value will be indicated on the balloon as you go inflating it. It’s weird for a slot not to have any wild or scatter symbols present, but this one does great even with the lack thereof.

This slot uses the WiNCREASE Mechanism where wins get boosted as you win. Some of the features players can win include; a Multiplier Feature. The Multiplier Feature can be triggered randomly during a spin. Your winning balloon can have a multiplier of values; 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x or 10x applied to the cash value. This can be explosive for a win over 20 or even 100 coins.

The best part about the online casino game is that it is perfect for beginners of all ages to enjoy. The game is playable on all Android and iOS mobile, PC and tablet devices. Players can enjoy maximum payouts as high as 3082x your total stake so get to betting!

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About The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine by Microgaming is definitely one of those must play casino games because of its unique layout. This online casino game doesn’t have the classic reels, paylines or rows. All the action takes place against a simple blue background where the objective is to inflate the balloons to as high a value as possible. Why not take advantage of our great casino promotions while you are at it?

The more you inflate the balloon, the higher your cash reward. However, be careful not to overload the balloon as it can burst just like in real life. Every time you click on the spin button, the machine blows up one balloon at a time with the coin size you picked which can be either 20 p/c and/or £/€40.

This game can get very entertaining especially when the balloons start moving across the screen and it’s up to you to hit them. The balloon pops randomly and will have you collecting the cash prizes indicated.

  • Multiplier feature -the Incredible Balloon Machine can still be considered an online slot because it’s got amazing bonus features like this multiplier feature. This feature in the game gives rise to multipliers like 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x and 10x randomly during gameplay.
  • Bonus Picks feature- Microgaming snuck in an exciting bonus feature in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot. In this Bonus Picks feature, players will enter a different screen when the round starts. 6 balloons appear on the screen and they hide different cash values for you to win. If you’re lucky, one of the picks can end up being explosive for your bankroll.

the incredible balloon machine gameplay

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About Microgaming the Developer of The Incredible Balloon Machine Video Slot

Microgaming is an online casino software company with a long history- they started to operate in 1994. Back then, there weren’t many suppliers of online casino software in existence. They went on to launch the first ever online casino called the Gaming Club which still uses the same Microgaming software in 2020. This isn’t for a lack of options as they also have a killer software they released in 2002, Viper, which elevated the company to even greater heights.

Microgaming has continuously proven themselves as providers of highly efficient solutions for operators and players in the industry. They are extremely respected in the industry. Microgaming holds the record for most jackpot win amount paid out totaling over $100 million worth of progressive jackpots in the last 10 years. They’re also known to pay winners in single one-time payments, which is shocking considering everyone else always takes months or even years to fulfill a payment.

Microgaming has a wide collection consisting of more than 600 games all for your entertainment. This covers table games like blackjack, roulette, sic bo, baccarat, etc., slot games and virtual instant win games. Their selection of casino slots definitely takes the huge chunk of all covering more than 350 of the total 600+ games they offer. Microgaming casino slots are available to play in over 120 online casinos with the top 40 successful poker rooms all using Microgaming software. You can find their slots here at Wizard Slots, and why not view our uk slot games?

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The Verdict of The Incredible Balloon Machine Online Slot

The Incredible Balloon Machine by Microgaming is a refreshing take on online casino games. It will be an awesome slot to play for the slot player who has sampled all types of themes and could use a change. It is also a perfect slot for a beginner because you’ll end up grasping the gameplay literally within seconds as there are no complex bonus features or overbearing designs used in this slot. It’s the perfect casino game to play after a long day when you just want to unwind and shut your brain off, so why not give it a spin, and try the best slots we have on offer while you are at it!

The features on offer are also simple to navigate; starting off with the Multiplier Bonus Feature where players can win different multiplier values of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x and 10x randomly during gameplay. In the Bonus Picks feature, players win different cash values just for making picks of balloons that appear on screen. This slot game has a decent Return to Player percentage value of 96.75% which is high for a Microgaming online casino slot game.

It means that despite its simple look and appeal, don’t go ahead and dismiss it too fast as it can elevate your bankroll quicker than some of these pother 5 reel slots that you’re eyeing. Sometimes. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

The Incredible Balloon Machine by Microgaming is it! you can find this slot game at any of your best online casinos that you frequent often. Just type in The Incredible Balloon Machine or The Incredible Balloon Machine by Microgaming and see what pops up. (get it?)

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