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2 Deck VS 6 Deck Blackjack

2 Deck VS 6 Deck Blackjack

One of the most common blackjack dilemmas is how many decks you should play. You can find players wrestling with this prospect at physical casinos and online casinos like Wizard Slots.

Some blackjack games use a single deck, while others can have up to eight decks, depending on where you play.

Should you play 2 deck vs 6 deck blackjack? First, let’s compare the two in our article below.

Is Blackjack Better With More Decks?

Any seasoned blackjack player knows that blackjack is often better with fewer decks. However, it usually depends on the rules since some may give a blackjack game with multiple decks a better house edge.

Generally, if the rules are equal across all blackjack variants, then single-deck blackjack is always the better option. This is because the house edge steadily increases with each extra deck.

For example, in a single-deck game of 52 cards, there are 4 Aces and 16 ten-value cards. So, the possibility of picking an Ace is 4/52 or 1/13. But you can also draw one of the ten-value cards. There are 16 available, so there are 16/51 chances of picking a 10 card.

We achieve the odds of landing blackjack in a single deck game by multiplying 1/13 X 16/51 X 2 (because there’s a double chance you could pick either), and you get 4.83%.

With six decks in play, 96 of 312 cards are ten-card values, while 24 of 312 cards are Aces. So, doing the same calculations as before, but for six decks, you get a 4.75% chance of landing a natural 21.

Note that you should check the rules before playing blackjack since they can vary slightly.

Is 2 Deck Or 6 Deck Blackjack Better?

Blackjack players believe that fewer deck games are better than those with multiple decks. It’s a reasonable thought because the likelihood of landing a natural blackjack is higher with fewer cards.

However, sometimes the rules dictate the results regardless of how many decks are in play. In addition, each game could have its advantages. For example;

2 deck blackjack typically doesn’t offer options like a late surrender or resplitting Aces, but 6 deck blackjack may do. However, doubling down in 2 deck is more effective since it can earn you a 3:2 payout.

6 deck blackjack allows for more risk compared to 2 deck blackjack. This is because you can raise your bet several times in 6 deck blackjack, but the limited deck in 2 deck blackjack doesn’t allow as much freedom.

2 deck blackjack may have a lower house edge, but 6 deck blackjack allows for a potentially more fair game because more decks make it more difficult for card counters.

Is 6 Deck Blackjack Worth It?

2 deck blackjack and 6 deck blackjack have pros and cons depending on the player’s position. Therefore, each can offer an advantage. So, is 6 deck blackjack worth it, moreso than 2 deck blackjack?

6 deck blackjack can be worth it, depending on the rules. Therefore, check which rules apply every time you enter the game. If the structure of a 6 deck game matches your choice and gameplay, then it’s the obvious choice.

However, if the rules are equal to those of a 2 deck game, you can consider other decisions.


The question of whether fewer decks in blackjack are better continues to plague players. The answer may seem like an obvious yes, but that is not always the case. It’s helpful to analyse your options and expectations before choosing either. And, of course, to always consider the rules before going in.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.