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Five-Reel Slots - Play The Best Slots With 5 Reels Online

5 Reel Slots

Do you want to know more about 5 reel slots? Read on to find out what slots with 5 reels are, how to play them, and how they work. We're even sharing some of our best 5 reel slots to play at uk slot games site Wizard Slots.

What Are 5-Reel Slots? 

The simple explanation is that 5 reel slots are slots with 5 reels.

First, let's talk about what a reel is in slots. All slots have reels, each with a different number of reels, making them unique. A reel is the vertical position(s) on a grid. These reels will spin when a player places a bet and hits the Spin button.

The reels contain several different symbols. These could be fruit symbols and playing card suits in a classic slot, or themed symbols for a more modern slot. The reels are perhaps the most essential element of a slot game. When the reels stop spinning, a combination of symbols will be revealed. Usually, a winning combination can be formed if 3 or more matching symbols land on an active payline. However, it could be a good idea to check the game rules before you play, as all slots are different.

The first-ever slot machine had just 3 reels. Nowadays, you tend to see that most online slots have 5 reels. In a new online casino, like Wizard Slots, you will likely see hundreds of online slots with 5 reels.

As previously mentioned, 5-reel slots are online slots that have 5 reels. So, when you hit the Spin button, you will see all 5 reels spinning. 

How Do 5-Reel Slots Work? 

5-reel slots are among some of the most popular online slots. They can be pretty popular with many slot gamblers for several reasons. For example, slots with 5 reels tend to have exciting bonus features, such as a free spins feature, fun themes, top-quality graphics and audio, and generous top potential prizes. 

A 5-reel slot can be very straightforward to play. It's like any other slot, but possibly with more exciting features! First, find a 5-reel slot to play, choose your bet per spin, and hit the Spin button. When the reels have stopped spinning, you will see a random combination of symbols. If a number of matching symbols land on an active payline, you win!

How Many Combinations Are There In A 5-Reel Slot Machine? 

5-reel slot machines are different to 3-reel slots as there are so many different symbol combinations possible. Also, with more reels, there's a more significant number of potential outcomes with every spin on a 5-reel slot.

For example, with a 5-reel and 25 payline slot machine, there could be 1,024 possible symbol combinations. The more reels a slot has, the more combinations there can be. With more reels, you can have more paylines too. Many 5-reel slots have 20 or 25 paylines, but there are some with 40 paylines, 100 paylines, or more!

The number of potentially paying symbols and the number of rows a 5-reel slot machine has, will also affect the number of possible combinations.

For example, a 5-reel, 3-row slot machine with 3 symbols on each of the 5 reels has up to 243 possible combinations.

Do You Need 5 Matching Symbols To Win? 

Depending on the slot game, you do not always have to match 5 symbols to form a potential win on a 5-reel slot machine. Usually, you only need to land 3 or more matching symbols on a payline for a potential win.

However, you can look at the slot's paytable and game rules to find out how possible wins can be formed. Every slot is different; for example, wins can be formed starting from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel, both ways, or in a zigzag.

Are 5-Reel Slots Worth It? 

There are many pros and cons of playing 5-reel slots. Let's start with a possible con. One potential con of 5-reel slots is that you may become overwhelmed with the many different features it can offer. Every 5-reel online slot can have different bonus features, so you might want to check the paytable and or game rules of each one before you play.

In the paytable, you can see the features and learn how they work. This could be a disadvantage if you wanted a simple slot to play. However, classic slots are still available online, which can offer a limited amount of bonus features. 

Conversely, there are many reasons why 5-reel slots can be worth it. Firstly, as 5-reel slots tend to be the most common slots you'll find in an online casino, there are many to choose from. 5-reel slots come in various themes, from classic fruit machines to animal, fantasy, luxury, and space themes. There is something for everyone!

As well as having a diverse range of themes, there is an excellent choice of high volatility and low volatility slots. So, if you have a preference, you should be able to find a 5-reel slot to play that suits your needs.

One of the best things about 5-reel slots is that they often have many exciting bonus features. Let's take a look at some of the main features you may find in 5-reel slots.

Wild Symbols - Many 5-reel slots have a wild symbol. A wild typically replaces all other symbols on the reel, bar the scatter symbol and sometimes the bonus symbol, if there is one. They can help to complete potential winning combinations. 

Scatter Symbols - 5-reel slots often have at least one scatter symbol. A scatter symbol can usually be one of the top-paying symbols. The scatter can also typically be the key to unlocking a bonus feature, such as the free spins feature. You can usually activate one of these features by landing 3 or more scatters on the reels.

Multiplier Symbols - Lots of 5-reel slots can also have multiplier symbols. If you land a multiplier symbol on the reels, your potential winnings can be multiplied by that number. In slots with multipliers, you will often see wins double (x2) or treble (x3). You could even see a multiplier of 1,000x! Multiplier symbols can typically only be found during the bonus features.

Bonus Features - Bonus features are additional games that can be unlocked when playing 5-reel slots. Every slot can have different bonus features, but the most common one you may see is a free spins feature. The free spins feature is usually triggered by landing a certain number of matching scatter symbols which can activate the bonus round, and you can potentially win free spins. Other bonus features include the pick-and-win game, re-spin feature, and jackpot feature.

Play 5-Reel Slots Online 

There are many exciting 5-reel slots you can play. You can find lots of fun 5-reel slots to play here at Wizard Slots. Here are some of our favourites.

Fluffy Favourites: Fluffy Favourites is one of the most popular 5-reel slots. This animal-themed slot by Eyecon has 5 reels and 25 paylines. There are a couple of different features in Fluffy Favourites, including the toy box feature, which is a pick-and-win game.

Fluffy Favourites also has a free spins feature, which you can activate by landing 3 or more pink elephant scatter symbols across the reels. All potential wins during the free spins round are tripled, and you can potentially win up to 25 free spins. Fluffy Favourites has a potential top win worth up to 5,000x your bet.

Blue Wizard: Blue Wizard is a 5 reel and 30 payline slot by Playtech, with fantasy-themed graphics. There are a few features in this slot, including a Blue Wizard wild. This wild symbol can appear on the 3rd reel with a multiplier during the bonus round. It also has a free spins feature where you can potentially win up to 6 free spins if you manage to activate it.

Blue Wizard also has a fire blaze re-spin feature, which can be activated by landing 6 or more crystal ball scatters. There are 4 different jackpot prizes potentially up for grabs, with the grand prize being an incredible 2,000x your bet.

Fishin Frenzy: This is a 5 reel and 10 payline slot by Blueprint Gaming. It has a fishing theme with fun, vibrant graphics. The main feature in Fishin Frenzy is its free spins feature, which you can activate if you land 3 or more scatters. Landing 5 scatters can potentially award you with up to 20 free spins! 

The top-paying symbol in Fishin Frenzy is the pelican symbol, which can potentially pay out up to 2,000x your bet if you land a 5-of-a-kind combination. There's also a potential top prize available of up to an impressive 5,000x your bet.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.