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Baccarat Side Bets Explained - Are They Worthless?

Baccarat Side Bets Explained - Are They Worthless?

Baccarat is a casino card game where you bet on one of 2 hands being closer to 9 (the two hands are labelled the Player and the Banker). There are 3 possible outcomes when playing baccarat: the Player hand is closer to 9 and wins, the Banker hand is and wins, or there is a tie. You bet on which of these 3 outcomes you think will occur.

Baccarat is quite a straightforward game, but there are many different side bets that you can make. In this blog post, we’re going to explain all of the different side bets in baccarat. We’ll also discuss whether side bets are worth it - or not!

Baccarat Side Bets Explained 

Baccarat is quite a popular casino game with many gamblers. This is perhaps due to its simplicity or the fact that you can potentially win if you are strategic and think logically before you place a bet.

Side bets are a great addition to casino games appearing in other classic casino games, such as blackjack. There are many different side bets to choose from, which we are going to explain in more detail soon. The side bets available vary depending on which casino you play at

The side bets can be made on more specific outcomes than simply which hand you think will win!

What Are The Side Bets In Baccarat? 

Baccarat is a simple pay by mobile casino game; however, it can be difficult when deciding which bet to choose! There are so many side bets in baccarat. Let’s go through them all!

All Red or All Black Baccarat Side Bet

One of the many side bets in baccarat that you can make is the all red or all black side bet. This is where you place a bet on a hand only having either red (diamonds and hearts) or black cards (spades and clubs). 

Even though a deck of cards has an equal amount of red and black cards, the payout and the house edge are slightly different. An all black side bet has a payout of 24:1 and a house edge of 6.53%. An all red side bet has a payout of 22:1 and a house edge of 14%.

Baccarat Bellagio Match Side Bet 

Another common bet in baccarat is the Bellagio match bet. This is where the Player or Banker receives a 3-of-a-kind hand. If the Player hand wins this bet, you receive a payout of 75:1, and if the Banker hand wins, you receive a payout of 68:1. The house edge is 5.27% for the Player and 8.57% for the Banker.

Baccarat Big & Small and 4-5-6 Side Bet 

The big and small baccarat side bet refers to the total number of cards the Player and Banker has at the end of the round. This is sometimes also known as the 4-5-6 side bet. Betting successfully on 4 cards pays out at 3:2 odds, and a winning bet on 5 or 6 cards awards a 2:1 payout. The small bet has a house edge of 5.28%, while the big bet has a house edge of 4.35%.

Combined Value Bets in Baccarat 

Different bets can be made in baccarat that combine values. Combined value bets in baccarat have a total value of over or under 9.5. If you successfully bet on a combined value of over 9.5, a payout of 66:1 is awarded. Additionally, if you successfully bet on a combined value of under 9.5, you receive a payout of 23:1.

Double 8 Baccarat Side Bet 

The double 8 side bet in baccarat is as easy and straightforward as it sounds. For this bet, you are betting that both the Player and the Banker hands total a value of 8. The payout for the double 8 side bet is 15:1.

Dragon Bonus Baccarat Wager 

The dragon bonus bet is the bet that players rely on most in baccarat - you may also see it referred to as the dragon bet. The dragon bonus requires you to bet on whether the Player or Banker will receive a natural 9 or 8 or your chosen hand wins by a margin of at least 4 points. In the latter, the payout size depends on the size of the margin. 

You can only bet on the same hand as your main bet.

A natural win pays out at 1:1 odds. A win by 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 points awards payouts of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 10:1 and 30:1, respectively.

Dragon 7 Baccarat Side Bet

The dragon 7 baccarat side bet is offered in certain baccarat live games. This bet is on the Banker winning with a 3-card hand that has a total value of 7. The payout for this bet is typically 40:1.

Egalite Bets in Baccarat 

Egalite bets are bets made on specific ties. For example, if the Player and Banker have matching scores, such as 8-8, 7-7 etc. In most casinos, you can use the egalite bet on all 10 possible tie combinations from 0-9. However, each casino varies. The payouts vary depending on the tie you bet on. 

Here are the individual egalite bets and their typical payouts:

  • 0-0 payout = 150:1
  • 1-1 payout = 215:1
  • 2-2 payout =225:1
  • 3-3 payout = 200:1
  • 4-4 payout - 120:1
  • 5-5 payout = 110:1
  • 6-6 payout = 45:1
  • 7-7 payout = 45:1
  • 8-8 payout = 80:1
  • 9-9 payout = 80:1

Lucky Bonus or Super 6 Baccarat Side Bet 

The lucky bonus, sometimes known as the super 6 side bet, is where the Banker wins the round with a hand value of 6. The lucky bonus side bet has a payout of 12:1. 

Lucky or Unlucky 8 Baccarat Side Bet 

The lucky 8 side bet refers to a bet based on either the Player or Banker winning with a total of 8 points. This has a payout of 4:1. Conversely, the unlucky 8 side bet is placed on the Player or Banker losing the round with a total of 8 points. This has a payout of 8:1.

Matching Dragon Baccarat Side Bet 

The matching dragon side bet is on the number of matching cards appearing, all of the same specified rank. Payouts vary according to the number of matching cards that appears in the round. 

The payouts differ based on the number of matching cards:

  • 0 matching cards = loss
  • 1 matching card = 1:1 payout
  • 2 matching cards = 3:1 payout
  • 3 matching cards = 20:1 payout
  • 4 matching cards = 40:1 payout
  • 5 matching cards = 60:1 payout
  • 6 matching cards = 100:1 payout

Panda 8 Baccarat Side Bet

The panda 8 side bet is on if the Player has a 3-card winning hand that totals 8. The payout for this side bet is around 25:1. 

Perfect Pair Baccarat Wager 

The perfect pair is a side bet in baccarat that can be used in online casinos. This is where the first 2 cards of the Player or Banker hands are a pair of the same rank. The perfect pair (same suit) awards a payout of 25:1. A pair of the same rank, but different suit awards a payout of 5:1.

Royal Match Baccarat Side Bet 

A royal match side bet is a bet in baccarat where the Player or Banker receives a king and a queen in the first 2 cards. For a suited king and queen, the royal match bet pays out 75:1. For a non-suited king and queen, the royal match bet pays out 30:1.

Same Suit Opening Baccarat Wager

The same suit opening bet is where a bet is placed on either the Player’s or Banker’s having the same suit in their first 2 cards. The typical payout for the Player having the same suit for their first 2 cards is 87:1. For the Banker, it’s 86:1.

Suited Three-Card 8 Baccarat Side Bet 

A suited 3-card 8 baccarat side bet is where the Player or Banker receives 3 cards of the same suit and has a total of 8. For both the Player and Banker, the payout for this type of side bet is 25:1. In the event of a tie where both the Player and Banker receive a suited 3-card 8, the payout is 200:1.

Three-Card 6 Baccarat Side Bet 

A three-card 6 side bet in baccarat is where the Player or Banker has a 3-card hand with a total of 6. If either the Player or Banker wins, they will get a payout of 8:1. If they both achieve a 3-card hand with a value of 6, the payout is 100:1.

Are Baccarat Side Bets Worthless 

If you want to change up how you play baccarat and want to play beyond the standard bet on the winning hand, baccarat side bets are totally worth it. Standard baccarat bet actually has one of the lowest payouts in the game, with many of the side bets offering better payouts. For example, the three-card 6 baccarat side bet has odds of around 100:1.

Another reason why baccarat side bets are with it is that they can provide extra entertainment. Some players find a game of baccarat can become a bit stale and repetitive as there are only 3 ways to bet (the Player, the Banker and a tie). So, with the addition of the numerous side bets that you can choose from, you can get more out of the same game.

Baccarat side bets are also straightforward to place. They don’t require learning a complex strategy or new rules; you simply only need to remember what they are and make them before placing your standard bet for the round. 

However, placing side bets may not be the best plan in the long run. This is because many of these side bets have a higher house edge. If you choose bets with a high house edge, you could potentially lose more money over time.

At the end of the day, gambling is all about having fun! Side bets were made to make baccarat more entertaining and exciting, so if you want, give them a go! 

Please remember to gamble responsibly. Only bet money you are comfortable losing, and never chase your losses. If you find you are no longer enjoying the experience, stop playing.

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