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Can Bookies Ban You For Winning & Close Winning Accounts?

Can Bookies Ban You For Winning & Close Winning Accounts?

When one thinks about placing bets, seldom does the thought of being banned by the bookmaker for winning too much come to mind. Yet, this is a reality that some punters face. 

Bookmaking enterprises, at the end of the day, are profit-driven businesses. They have the right to refuse bets and are not legally obligated to accept them.

Can Bookies Ban You For Winning Too Much?

Yes, bookmakers can ban you for winning too much. This might sound shocking to many, but it's a common practice in the betting world. This is because bookmakers are businesses looking to make a profit, and if a customer is consistently winning, it could impact their bottom line.

When a punter starts winning a considerable amount, it raises a red flag for bookmakers. This is especially true if the wins are regular and the stakes are high. Bookies might suspect that the punter has inside information or an unfair advantage, which may lead them to limit or ban the account entirely.

Do Online Bookmakers Close Winning Accounts?

The online world of betting is no different from traditional bookmaking shops when it comes to account restrictions. If you're winning too much too consistently, online bookmakers might just close or heavily restrict your account.

Online bookmakers, like their physical counterparts, have terms and conditions that give them the right to close or restrict accounts that they deem unprofitable. They may limit the amount you can bet, restrict certain types of bets, or close the account altogether.

Why Do Bookies Ban Winners?

The primary reason why bookies may ban winners is to try and protect their business interests. If a punter consistently wins large amounts, it can be detrimental to the bookmaker's profits

Therefore, banning or limiting the accounts of such punters is a defensive strategy employed by some bookmakers to safeguard their business.

Another reason may be the suspicion of 'arbitrage betting' or 'arbing'. This is a strategy where a punter exploits the difference in odds offered by different bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome.

Arbing is frowned upon by bookmakers and can potentially lead to account restrictions or closures.

How Do Bookies Know You Are Arbing?

Bookmakers can employ various methods to detect arbers. One telltale sign is the placement of bets with unusual amounts. Regular punters typically bet round figures, but arbing usually requires specific amounts to guarantee a profit, which can raise suspicions.

Another giveaway is the type of bets placed. Arbers often bet on markets with only a few possible outcomes, such as match results or over/under bets. If a punter consistently places bets on such markets, it could indicate arbing.

Finally, the amount of time spent on the betting site can also be a factor. Arbers often log in, place a bet, and log out quickly — a pattern that bookmakers can detect and associate with arbitrage betting.

Can You Withdraw From a Gubbed Account?

Being 'gubbed' is a term used in the betting world to describe when a bookmaker restricts or bans an account

If you're gubbed, it may impact your betting activities, but it shouldn't prevent you from withdrawing any funds in your account. Your money remains yours, and you should be able to withdraw it despite the restrictions placed on your account.

To conclude this Wizard Slots article, while it might seem unfair, bookmakers can and do ban punters who win too much. This practice primarily serves to try and protect the bookie’s business interests.