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How to win real money on scatter slots

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With the invaluable help of technology, the online casino industry has been on constant growth since the late 20th century. The online slots industry has always offered a medium for players to have as much fun as possible. One such casino is Wizardslots, where you can play and win real money slots with just a spin or two.

At the earliest stages of online slots in the late 20th century, scatter symbols were mostly found in classic fruit slots with 3 reels. These scatters functioned better when at least 2 of them landed on the reels. With ample technological innovation in recent times, the whole concept of scatter symbols to win real money slots has changed. Thus, our focus in this article is to explain what scatter slots are and how players can win on slots.

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Scatter slots and how they function

Scatter slots are online casino slot games with scatter symbols performing various functions primarily aimed at making players win money. Scatter symbols usually rhyme with the theme of the slot itself; that is, they are symbols designed to align with the theme of the online casino slot. Also, upon the appearance of scatter symbols, the background music changes, especially in classic scatter slots.  At the time scatter symbols were introduced in the industry, only 2 were needed to spark off several features in the game.

There has been a conceptual paradigm of scatter symbols such that at least 3 are needed to appear on paylines. Now, most win real money slots have scatters that require 3 to start some other features. In practice, scatter symbols are every player's delight when they wish to play and win real money slots.

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Types of scatter symbols

Cherry Scatters

These sets of scatters are the first to have graced the industry, and they are otherwise known as Old-school scatters. Cherry scatters are mostly in fruit slots, and they function in a similar way with red cherries, hence the name. While playing slots with Cherry scatters, a player needs only two to appear anywhere on the reels. When this happens, bonus features, mini-games, or multipliers are activated.

Classic Scatters

Classic scatters by far are the most popular form of scatters in online casino slots. Players prefer this type because they can come with sticky wilds, making their payout chances quite high and massive. You will mostly find classic scatters from 5-reel slots and above.

Classic scatters require 3 on any reels to activate different features and win real money slots. This means that you need not get the symbols lying in succession on the reels, as long they are 3, you are good to go.  

Successive Scatters

These are scatter slots that require all scatter symbols to be on the reels successively. For instance, this scatter requires that symbols will appear from reels 1 to 3 to trigger the different features in the game. You can find successive scatters at Wizardslots, where you can play as much win real money slots as possible.

Multiple Scatters

This type of scatter slot has different scatters performing various functions in the same game. This is usually infused in the game to unlock several features that reward your gameplay.

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Best scatter slots to play

The following are some of the best scatter slots that you can play:

How to win real money on scatter slots

It's an accepted fact that slots generally – online and physical slots – are games of chance and not skill. So, you may not necessarily get it right all the time. However, mastering the following steps will offer you increased chances of winning real money on scatter slots.

Look for regulated online casinos

Online casinos are really on the high side now, with every business person trying to leverage the opportunities presented by the gambling industry. This is why you ought to play at only regulated and licensed slots. Take your time to research for casinos that are really doing well to its players and avoid mediocre casino sites. All regulated casinos use an RNG that completely randomizes the winning chances, making the game as fair as it can get.

Play and master free games

Free games are a great innovation in the casino industry. They are usually in most casinos, and you need to leverage them to learn. Playing free games offers a first-hand opportunity to witness and experience what scatter slots are like, and how scatter symbols function. 

While playing free games, you will see the exact features scatter symbols have and how they trigger the features attached. So try to focus on these symbols while playing the free games.  The payout odds in free games are not the same as in the slots with real bets!

Play medium to High RTP slots

Return to Player Rate (RTP) is the amount a casino is willing to pay to players who win at an online casino. RTP varies from game to game and is usually seen in all games – jackpot and non-jackpot.

Low RTP ranges between 88% to 95%, while medium RTP is from 95% to 97%, with the high ones from 98% above. Thus, any game with 98% RTP will pay handsomely at a casino online. Even though high RTP doesn't necessarily equate to automatic wins, it increases your chances of cashing out real big when you play non-jackpot games at a casino online. In scatter slots, high RTP slots will increase chances to win real money slots.

Play classic and multiple scatter slots

As stated above, classic scatter slots are usually found in 5-reel slots. Playing classic scatter slots with multiple slots scatter features will significantly improve your winning chances in the game. In fact, these two features will not only award exciting wins but will also offer enough fun playing your preferred slot.

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Last thoughts on How to win real money on scatter slots

Real money scatter slots are all over the place, but none beats the offer at Wizardslots. Playing scatter slots has been fun, especially to win real money slots. In the likeliest circumstance, you have a smooth time relishing the wondrous features that scatter slots ultimately present to you.  View our online slot games here.

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