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Why Do Bookies Pay Out Early?

Why Do Bookies Pay Out Early?

There’s more to betting than simply placing a bet and waiting for the possibilities. A lot goes on behind the scenes regardless of whether you’re betting odds in the Premier League, horse racing, etc.

You’ll rarely encounter a punter complaining about a bookmaker paying out early on a bet. However, it’s not unreasonable to wonder what might have led to the bookie making the decision.

We’ll look at why some bookies pay out early in this Wizard Slots blog post below.

What Does Early Payout Mean?

An early payout is a scenario where bookmakers opt to pay out certain bets early. They may do so if they believe that a given selection will win. The bookie mostly chooses to pay out before time and shut down the book, preventing any further bets.

It may sound disadvantageous to prospective bettors, but some punters actually like early payouts. Punters like early payouts because it offers guaranteed insurance on bets placed if the outcome seems to be in their favour.

Why Do Bookmakers Pay Out Early On Some Bets?

Sometimes bookmakers pay out early on some bets because it offers them a few advantages. Firstly, it portrays them in a good light. An early payout is a big risk, similar to the one punters encounter, as the outcome is still uncertain.

Secondly, paying out early could be a good publicity stunt. Win or lose, an early payout remains a risk, so the move is seen as customer-friendly. Bookies rarely decide to go this way because of this, so if one ever does, the news spreads fast.

Of course, some bookies have lost considerable sums after an early payout they called wrong. 

Cash-out vs Early Payout – What’s The Difference?

Cashing out is when a gambler decides to withdraw their bet before the event they bet on ends. The amount you get is usually less than what you could have won if the outcome was in your favour. Some punters pick this betting feature because they want a win regardless of the poor odds.

An early payout is when the bookmaker decides to pay players with full-time result bets on an eligible selection before the event ends. Punters would receive their wager money + a given amount the bookies release as their win prize.

The main difference between the two is that punters can decide to cash out, but they cannot determine an early payout themselves. Usually, only the bookie can decide when to pay out early.